Social expertise to answer your most urgent business questions.

Insight Services is Visible’s research and consulting group that focuses on deriving context and meaning from your social data with a focus on brand, campaign, influencers, and engagement. Depth of inquiry spans four levels including snapshot, analysis, study, and advanced study. There is rigor in our approach but flexibility in how we work together – we can support your social experts or deep dive for you to answer your most pressing business questions.

Analysis Offerings

Our four levels of research offerings are designed to fit your needs -- from a straightforward look at your brand’s health and the status of your competitors to a highly concentrated study of your business that digs into your product launches, consumer habits, where people are talking about your brand, and how to improve upon customer service.

Snapshot: High Level Key Findings

Snapshot: high level findings

  • Top-line analysis
  • Quick summary/tracking of key metrics
Analysis: Volume and Sentiment, Topical Breakdown

Analysis: volume and sentiment, topical breakdown

  • Detailed analysis
  • Quantitative metrics and summary level insights
  • Multiple: brands/campaigns/topic areas
Focused Study: Deeper, Qualitative Analysis

Focused Study: deeper, qualitative analysis

  • Qualitative insights
  • Answers to directed business questions
Advanced Study: Qualitative analysis of heaps and outliers, product type segmentation, purchase funnel, product attributes

Advanced Study: qualitative analysis of heaps and outliers, product type segmentation, purchase funnel, product attributes

  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Consultation with a dedicated Business Analyst
  • Category level studies, or unbranded thematic research

Custom Analysis

Have a unique issue or specific business problem you need help with?  Our team of experienced social media experts can help:

  • Lead workshops, training or consulting on how to best harness social intelligence and generate insights.
  • Discuss data alignment and integration.
  • Make recommendations about influencer identification, measuring brand health and corporate reputation, and much more.