Visible Intelligence

Big data analytics that drive results.

Driving value with social engagement

Mine, pulse, pivot, and act. With the Visible Intelligence technology platform, you’ll have the highest quality data to always know what’s happening right now and act on the insights for impact. Visible Intelligence focuses on three core capabilities: social media monitoring, enriched data analytics and insights, and customer engagement.

Key Features

  • Customizable dashboards – customize by teams, region, roles, or function to focus only on the information that matters to you
  • Global, multi-language capabilities – with data in all of the world’s prominent languages, it is easy to scale your social efforts across regions
  • Unlimited, on-demand search and analytics – drill into new topics easily and measure the results as they develop and evolve
  • Advanced filtering, segmentation and “search within”  – find valuable nuggets of information quickly
  • Scheduled and event-driven alerts – know right away when there are spikes in conversations about your brand or receive regular updates right in your inbox
  • Guided search navigation – set up searches and uncover topics of interest
  • Repeatable search categories – set up audience segments or sub-topics that you can rapidly overlay on other search topics to drill into data with a click of a button
  • Impact Summary – see all of the key social metrics for any topic with a single click – all in one spot
  • Best-in-class, multi-language sentiment analysis – understand perceptions about your brand and key topics with sentiment in 11 languages
  • Influence scoring – Visible influence and Klout scores help you assess who is talking about you
  • Share of Voice vs. competitors – track your efforts related to the competition – with up to 16 comparison points
  • Interactive Topic Discovery™ - uncover new topics to explore
  • Compare and contrast across regions, time, and more  – understand what is unique and similar between conversations across different dimensions
  • Site demographics/psychographics – learn more about the channels where your brand conversations are taking place
  • Geographic mapping – View Tweets down to the city level
  • Reach analytics – gauge the size of the markets that are reading all of those social posts
  • Dynamically generated reports – get dashboard reports sent right to your inbox
  • Large data exports – download data for further analysis
  • Reply, retweet, post content immediately or at a scheduled day/time – engage with the click of a button
  • Configurable workflows – tailor functionality to how your team is structured to ensure posts are queued accordingly 
  • Scheduled posts for Twitter and Facebook – set it and forget it
  • Secure cross-team collaboration – share and manage team access to Facebook and Twitter pages in a secure way
  • Operational metrics – top line view of key engagement metrics
  • Side-by-side column view of content streams for increased efficiency – at a glance view of data that matters to you

Listening, Analytics, and Engagement are available in one integrated platform, directly accessible through a browser. Eliminate the need to coordinate sharing of data across disparate apps, or for IT to manage platform upgrades. 

Enhancements and new capabilities are introduced twice quarterly and are immediately available to all users.

Within VI Workspaces, knowledge workers can work independently or share data, notes, and insights to maximize the return on social intelligence.

The market moves fast. And so do we. Visible lives and breathes social media – it’s part of our DNA. We gauge customer and market needs continuously, with an eye to the future to craft our road map. Our seven-week release cycles keep us agile and leading the industry. Best of all, the latest capabilities are available to you instantly the next time you log into the platform. 

Some of the new capabilities we have rolled out recently:

  • Guided search navigation
  • Repeatable search categories (demographics, segments, attributes)
  • Post scheduling
  • Reach analytics
  • Advanced filtering
  • Scheduled reports


Visible’s fast search and analytical capabilities help you remain agile and informed at the speed of social. With unlimited searches and customizable dashboards, you can identify top trends and perceptions about your brand quickly and track the competition so you can make informed business decisions.

  • Secure brand reputation as events unfold, implementing proactive communication strategies
  • Counter competitive threats, analyzing how consumers respond
  • Spot and summarize shifting consumer sentiment, adjusting programs and messages that are sensitive to market changes
  • Keep stakeholders informed of emerging market opportunities, targeting needs proactively
  • Contrast global market reactions, guiding regional and language messaging


Understand the drivers, key influencers, and segments initiating conversations about your products and services. Visible has powerful social media analytics, available as a core component of the platform at no additional charge, to help you gather deep customer insights.

  • Identify key influencers and focus your outreach efforts to spread your messages
  • Measure program and campaign performance to redirect efforts and spend to optimize performance
  • Compare and contrast brands/topics and understand the voice of the consumer based on the language used for each topic
  • Establish KPI’s to drive business decisions, measure continuously and adjust based on community dynamics
  • Segment results for target audiences and stakeholders; understand differences to refine communication and positioning strategies


With corporate social media presence on outlets including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, consumers are expecting companies to listen to them and respond online.  With actionable Social Intelligence from Visible and the ability for prompt and direct consumer engagement online, companies can strengthen service and support, retain customers, resolve issues, and continue building brand loyalty.

Visible Intelligence has integrated social servicing capabilities, configurable workflow, simultaneous multi-channel posting, operational metrics, and seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter. The Visible Engagement capability helps you to:

  • Identify, respond to and resolve customer issues proactively
  • Address questions from prospects and identify leads opportunistically
  • Publish content directly to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time
  • Schedule posts to publish automatically
  • View detailed operational metrics
  • Customize workflow based on team roles and business priorities
  • Collaborate through notes and email across team members and see audit trails of actions taken
  • Manage all Twitter and Facebook social profiles in one place, securely 

Customer Service

Highly trained experts

Visible teams with you so you can ramp up quickly and start delving into valuable insights that drive results for your business. Both clients and the industry have recognized our team of experts for exceptional service delivery. 

Standard: Help when you need it

Once you’ve completed initial setup, you may have some questions. That’s what we’re here for. Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day, via phone or email, the Visible Support Team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Premium: Let us be your co-pilot

Premium support may be what you need if you’d like more one-on-one interaction and planning. You’ll have the advantage of working with a dedicated Account Manager who will help get the most from your social listening and engagement efforts.  Your account manager is committed to your success and can provide additional guidance including:

  • Strategic goal planning for campaign and program support
  • Advanced data collection and discovery strategies
  • Custom training and workflow setup support
  • Industry and use case best practices

How will we work for you?  See more…