V·IQ Social Performance Dashboard

Improve Your Social Intelligence and Business Performance

Improve Your Social Intelligence and Business Performance

Keeping up with the enormous inflow of information from a variety of sources is a continuous, and often insurmountable, challenge. Working across geographies, business groups, and functional teams further adds to the complexity. V·IQ™ provides a consolidated and relevant view of key metrics to drive meaningful business outcomes – with the click of a button.

V·IQ is a social performance dashboard that combines valuable analytics from the Visible platform with other strategic metrics including CRM, traction on social channels, Web analytics, performance data, and more. Aggregating your mission critical data in a single dashboard provides an easy-to-share, continuously refreshed snapshot of your business for key stakeholders.

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Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive - Get a snapshot view of what is most important to you from multiple data sources in a single, convenient dashboard.
  • Flexible - The modular nature makes it easy to set V·IQ and to make adjustments as business objectives or priorities change. 
  • Branded and Shareable - These summary-level dashboards, using your logo and color palette, are available on-demand for your stakeholders or viewed on a large screen in your headquarters.
  • Current -  V·IQ provides up-to-date intelligence.
  • Fast - V·IQ is designed for quick setup to provide insights right away.

How V·IQ Can Help You

  • Brand health dashboard - Provides a consolidated view of your brand’s health across the Social Web for corporate communications, media relations, and marketing.
  • Brand/Product Team dashboard - Serves up key brand insights, tracking performance data specific to the product, competitors, and even the product category. 
  • Campaign tracking dashboard - Helps you understand the impact of your social programs or marketing campaigns instantly; refreshed easily as campaigns or initiatives change. 
  • Executive global performance dashboard - Aggregates metrics from your key domestic and international markets, providing oversight and understanding of your brand and global initiatives. 
  • Client dashboard for Agencies V·IQ is a great way to deliver essential social media and trending data to your clients with an easy to understand, instant view of campaigns or initiatives.

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