Social Intelligence Reports

Best practices and expertise to drive business results from social.

Our reports profile social industry best practices and offer tips to help turn you into a social media superstar


6 Ways Smart Market Researchers
Use Social Data

This report uncovers the secrets of how pioneering market researchers are using social data and driving innovation at their companies.

Combining Social & Owned Content to Gain Deeper Insights

This report outlines how to understand insights derived purely from social data to obtain a holistic view of the customer experience and enable better data-driven decision-making.

Strategies for Successful
Social Engagement

This report shares the 10 top tips to help you successfully engage with your key audiences, whether your work is in retail and CPG, technology, financial services, or the pharmaceuticals industry.


Best Practices


             Gleanster: Essential Skills for                           Top 7 Metrics for Tracking                                Brand Loyalty vs Affinity 
                    Analyzing Social Data                                          Social Media ROI                                                  in Social Media


               Best Practices for Managing                       How Social Data Can Boost Your                   Using Social Media to Improve
                      Social Media Threats                        Business Without Busting Your Budget                Product & Service Launches


        6 Ways Smart Market Researchers              Social Media Listening Best Practices
                          Use Social Data


Industry Trends


                Social Predictions for 2014                                6 Social Media Threats                           Assessing Social Media Sentiment


              Social@Ogilvy Global Brand                                   Social Media Pitfall:                                      Adverse Event Reporting 
                        Advocacy Study                                         Lack of Data Integration                                           in Social Media


                    Top 5 Business Myths                          Combining Social & Owned Content
                       about Social Media
                                      to Gain Deeper Insights