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Tax Day, Not Doomsday

It’s Tax Day! …Which may mean a variety of things.

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Tax Day may not be a source of stress for those who got their taxes done early, but what about for those who waited until the last minute? Here’s an article by Forbes that outlines the process some may have gone through this past weekend.

By the looks of things, the volume of posts in the past week related to doing taxes early or last minute are almost the same. There are about 15,500 posts related to doing taxes early compared to around 16,700 related to doing taxes in the last minute.

Generally, it seems like slightly more people did their taxes right before the deadline instead of doing them early.

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Whether it was Sim Bhullar of New Mexico State or Mamadou Ndiaye of the UC Irvine Anteaters, spectators of the ongoing NCAA basketball tournament got the chance to see some “big boys” play in the paint this year.

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Besides these giants, there were some “big” players off the court as well.

In what seems like the spirit of the bracket, Warren Buffett, business extraordinaire and owner of Berkshire Hathaway, agreed to back the billion dollar bracket challenge sponsored by Quicken Loans.

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The challenge was that whoever correctly predicted all the wins of the tournament would win $1 billion. I say was, because at this point there are zero brackets that qualify. Read more…

1During a Kantar Twitter Workshop event, Larry Friedman, the Chief Research Officer at TNS, shared his excitement about the value that social media brings to a market researcher. His view, shared by many of the presenters was that social can be used in predictive models. “There is signal in the noise. You just have to extract it,” he explained. This gives marketers a jump on obtaining market reaction, enabling real-time decisions and adjustments as necessary.

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March has long been considered a time of great change and growth. March signals the coming of spring and, after the abysmal winter griping much of the country this year, never has spring been more welcome. For much of the US population, however, March can only mean one thing – the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness.

To many sports fans, myself included, March Madness represents the purest form of any sports playoffs and an opportunity to witness some of the greatest sports moments of the year. Perhaps the best part of March Madness, however, are the many office pools, brackets, and predictions that come as a result of this tradition. This is a time of the year when the average cubicle dweller can demonstrate his or her sports related prowess and, should they win their bracket, lord it over their coworkers for the next year and possibly take home a little bit of cash at the same time.

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snowden2One of the more controversial events happening at South by Southwest this year is the talk with Edward Snowden, the infamous NSA whistle-blower. It was announced on March 4th that this talk would occur today, the 10th, remotely from Russia where he’s received asylum, and livestreamed by The Texas Tribune. When the event was announced, volume surrounding the topic peaked at nearly 13k posts across all media types, with nearly 12k of those posts coming from Twitter.

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The Academy Awards is the crème de la crème of award shows. And we all know there are three best things about the Oscars:

  • The dresses.
  • Who won or more excitingly, who should have won.
  • And, obviously, any excuse to talk about the Oscars.

And talk we did…so much so that we broke Twitter. So let’s talk about it some more. Here’s my 2014 Oscars recap!

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letoThere is always so much to talk about at the water cooler the day after the Oscars – disbelief that one actor didn’t win, shock that an actress actually wore that dress , surprise that a selfie could get retweeted enough times to actually break Twitter for a bit.

I must say that this year, despite some amazing musical performances, breathtaking gowns and tribute to Academy members passed, one moment from this year’s Academy Awards that really stood out came early in the evening: Jared Leto’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

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The annual polarizing love fest

heartEvery year around February 14th, whether you’re single or happily attached, one ends up taking a stance on the celebration of the polarizing event –Valentine’s Day. Some enjoy planning for a traditional celebration with their beloved, while others make an anti-Valentine’s statement on their own or with a group of like-minded people.

I myself am so-so about the holiday. I could go without it, but because society has instilled within me from an early age the longing to be romantic on said day (think Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school and the obligatory valentines to be dropped in everyone’s mail box at their desks), I find myself participating in the festivities – mostly just dinner with my husband, and a card proclaiming my love for him (which of course can’t be done on any other day).

So, because of my conformist ways, I thought it would be interesting to see what others on both sides of the chocolate coin have to say about this annual commercial love fest.

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blogging-14Recently I was asked for some advice about setting up a blog; not so much the technical aspects of it, but how you actually go about doing it.  I realized that this speaks to something I am seeing more and more companies asking, as well, as they look for creative ways to build engaging communities – “How do I do it, how do I find things to write about, and how often should I do it?”  Creating content, both original and curated, remains a hot topic and social media can provide a treasure trove of material to help.

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