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Recently someone asked me to see if I could respond to the question, “How has social media changed my life?” I didn’t take a long time to think about it because the answer was immediately obvious as I looked around my new life, my job, my friends and I realized that social media changed it entirely.

When I was starting out in my career I purposely approached it from the stance of generalist – try lots of different things and build a skill set that transcends a particular industry. Over the past years I have done a lot of jobs but when I was job hunting back in 2008 I decided to deconstruct what I had done to figure out what I really loved in the jobs I had done so that I could find the one I really wanted next.

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Many companies are beginning to realize they need to take a more strategic view toward the intelligence they gather from social communities, realizing that this insight not only can transform their approach to customer service, but also support brand health over the long term. As a result, “Social Servicing” – understanding and addressing the needs of customers online and determining how to measure those efforts to make informed decisions as to when and how to invest in additional resources and scale on a global basis – is getting more focus.

Many global brands seeking to support and develop the long-term health of their brand are beginning Social Servicing programs as one of their leading forays into social activation.  For most, customer servicing is one of the first business groups within the enterprise to begin social activation.  Customer servicing programs can leverage social servicing into the business goals already in place.  Most often the most successful programs are created from teams of  existing service professionals  already well versed at handling customer relations and adding the social channels to the more traditional channels already being serviced layering in social as part of their servicing solution.   As businesses establish their online presence through easily recognizable and increasingly active Twitter handles, forum and social channel presences Social Servicing becomes normalized and the opportunity for Social Servicing to expand into new channels and to go beyond one to one customer interaction grows.   Over time, this practice becomes increasingly important to the business and its reputation, organizations likely will need to increase the number of staff devoted purely to this function, especially across multiple markets. Customer service professionals are also going to want to have better ways to analyze the influence of each author to understand the bigger picture of their efforts and establish uniform criteria for issue resolution and escalation. To that end integration and usage of API’s is becoming a key component.

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I’ve been hearing and reading a lot lately about Social CRM, or as some call it, SCRM, but never thought I’d have anything to say about this topic because I didn’t really think when I joined Visible Technologies five years ago that I would have anything to do with SCRM. Man, I was wrong.

Although I’m certainly not an expert in SCRM, I’ve been working over the past few months with several companies that I would say are building the foundation for what their companies’ SCRM may look like in the future. These Fortune 500 brands are not fully focused just yet on SCRM, or even totally understand the implications of social media on their traditional CRM systems. Most probably wouldn’t even recognize some of the new proposed definitions of SCRM that have been shared across the Web.

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