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The Socialization of Earth Day

Last week, while attending an event to support an organization I volunteer for, I had the privilege of shaking the hand of Denis Hayes, the man responsible for coordinating the first Earth Day in 1970. On April 22 of that year, an impressive 20 million people were said to participate across the country. It boggles the mind to imagine how a skeleton crew of volunteers – passionate as they were – could turn out such crowds, all without the aid of the Internet, much less social media. While I didn’t get to ask him personally, I can only imagine the occasion he was so instrumental in launching must inspire a mix of pride and bewilderment 43 years later.

 In 1970, students, parents, labor leaders, politicians, rich people and regular folks galvanized around a common concern for the environment and turned out for thousands of teach-ins and community events. On the most modern medium of the day, “Today” devoted 10 hours of coverage to Earth Day. Back then, remember, there were just 4 channels!   The modern environmental movement had been launched.

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In last week’s blog posts, members of my team recapped their sections of our first Webcast kicking off 2011 with Social Resolutions.


Since then we have featured several great Webcasts on social intelligence, and a wealth of information was shared in each of them. Don’t worry if you missed the live presentations – the recorded versions are now available so you can listen in at a time convenient for you.

Here’s the list from Visible’s Webcast archive:

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This is the final post in a five-part series following up on our January 11, 2011 Webcast about Social Resolutions for 2011 (watch here).  My colleagues covered a lot of great info already so I thought it might be helpful to do a brief review of the information they covered but add a slight twist on the information with a social media data and monitoring tool perspective.

The first focus for our resolutions has to do with the Enterprise.  Being social at the enterprise level.  Not just your team, your department or a single employee, but being social across your entire organization.  In our 5 plus years experience dealing with enterprises and social media, it is extremely common to see a small department set aside some budget to “try” social media and then others in the company start catching on until it grows across the enterprise.

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For part five of our Social Resolutions for 2011 series we’ll be talking about how you can resolve to start optimizing your organization using social data, specifically around your digital channels.

Social data not only surfaces what people are talking about, but also clues you in to what they’re seeking out. Even more importantly, it helps you determine what people are searching for on the Web.  When optimizing, consider how social data can influence not only your community strategy, but also your search and advertising strategies and content. Effective optimization can be likened to playing the lottery – the more lines you play, the better your chances of winning. Success can often increase conversion rates as well.

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Today’s post in our Social Resolutions for 2011 series is about integrating social media with traditional marketing for lead generation. This segment was also part of our January 11th Webcast that can be found here.

People often ask if social media efforts should replace traditional marketing. The answers to that question vary per individual, but we believe that traditional marketing is still very capable of targeting specific demographics. There is no doubt that social media is growing at an exponential rate, and is an increasingly important form of marketing. But social media should be used as a powerful tool to complement traditional marketing, not replace it. By combining both traditional and social marketing, you can create a campaign that incorporates strategies to both reach and engage as many potential customers as possible.

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In this piece of the series following up our January 11th Webcast on Social Resolutions for 2011, I’ll discuss from a community perspective some of the key ways to engage your community for social success in the New Year.

One of the key strategies to focus on this year is the quality of your outreach efforts versus the quantity. This can be really challenging though with all of the social sites, data, bloggers, tweeters, communities, tools, metrics, and channels out there – and pressure to cover all of them all.  This year, consider the social community in the context of a bargain buffet vs. fine dining.

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To help make 2011 a very socially successful New Year, all this week we will be featuring key highlights from our recent social resolutions Webcast – Social Resolutions – Tips for Success with your Social Initiatives in 2011”. To kick this series off, here are our top five for making the most of your social efforts this year from our CMO, Debbie DeGabrielle!

This is the year social media comes of age. The social channel will be where business and consumer finally meet as equals. This, more than anything, is what will compel all major businesses to finally get serious about using social media to improve business outcomes.

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We recently held our first Webcast of 2011, appropriately titled, “Social Resolutions – Tips for Success with your Social Initiatives in 2011”.

As part of the team that presented this Webcast, I think we came up with a pretty impressive list of social resolutions, based on lessons learned over the past few years, and our own recent experiences as a marketing team.


Listed below are the top 10 things we think you can do to make 2011 your most successful social year yet:

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2011!  We hope that you had a fantastic holiday and are back in the social swing of things.  With the new year usually comes a lot of resolutions and predictions lists.  Our Marketing team will be sharing theirs in a webinar January 11th Social Resolutions: Tips for Success with your Social Initiatives.

In the meantime, I think you might find this post by Pam Moore, CEO and Founder of FruitZoom, Inc. an interesting read: 2011 Predictions:  Top 12 Reasons Businesses Will Fail at Social Media.

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