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Cinco de Mayo: Fiesta time!

It’s here! Cinco de Mayo, one of the world’s longest parties has officially hit year 152 today. Besides that though, Cinco de Mayo is also a time to celebrate Mexican ancestry and culture. In case you wanted to read more about the history, here’s an article that explains the significance of this day.

So how is everyone celebrating? Well, if I had to guess: with salsas, piñatas and, no doubt, margaritas. One thing is certain- you can join the fiesta even if you’re not from Mexico! Actually, within this past week it looks like there were more Cinco de Mayo related posts in the U.S. than any other location in the world. That’s surprising, since I thought Mexico would have had the most.

cinco de mayo blog map

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How much does it cost to launch a new product or service? Marketing expenditures alone can run into the millions pretty quickly. Just think about how many product launches happen during the Superbowl! Now add on the cost of the people creating and managing launch activities. Then add the cost of the market research and product development. Do you think you spent more than $1m on your last launch? If you are a big brand, it’s highly likely. If you’re a small brand, maybe just under that mark.

So the question becomes, “How can you do a better job and get higher returns on your launch, no matter how you measure it?”

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Whether it was Sim Bhullar of New Mexico State or Mamadou Ndiaye of the UC Irvine Anteaters, spectators of the ongoing NCAA basketball tournament got the chance to see some “big boys” play in the paint this year.

mamadou picture

Besides these giants, there were some “big” players off the court as well.

In what seems like the spirit of the bracket, Warren Buffett, business extraordinaire and owner of Berkshire Hathaway, agreed to back the billion dollar bracket challenge sponsored by Quicken Loans.

sportscenter tweet

The challenge was that whoever correctly predicted all the wins of the tournament would win $1 billion. I say was, because at this point there are zero brackets that qualify. Read more…

March has long been considered a time of great change and growth. March signals the coming of spring and, after the abysmal winter griping much of the country this year, never has spring been more welcome. For much of the US population, however, March can only mean one thing – the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness.

To many sports fans, myself included, March Madness represents the purest form of any sports playoffs and an opportunity to witness some of the greatest sports moments of the year. Perhaps the best part of March Madness, however, are the many office pools, brackets, and predictions that come as a result of this tradition. This is a time of the year when the average cubicle dweller can demonstrate his or her sports related prowess and, should they win their bracket, lord it over their coworkers for the next year and possibly take home a little bit of cash at the same time.

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According to Salon, viewership of the Sochi Olympics was down over 10% versus the 2010 games record setting performance. While it may not have been as big a hit as other events (the Super Bowl continues to set viewership records year after year), that does not mean that there was nothing to learn for marketers and social media experts.

On March 6th, Visible Senior Consultant and social media expert Cathy Buena, hosted a webcast that looked at the games through social media’s collective lens. After researching posts from all the large social media outlets and analyzing the underlying trends supporting the key topics from the games, she identified the following learnings that every marketer and social media practitioner should consider:

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Well, it’s all over. No more keeping track of the latest medals count, watching athletes perform unimaginable feats in the half-pipe and super-G, arguing about the judging at ice dancing, reading about stray dogs or tracking Jason Brown’s ponytail and @sochiproblems on Twitter.

Somehow these Olympics became about so much more than medals and country pride as social, political, cultural and canine issues grabbed media attention and global sympathy.

Register for our upcoming Olympics recap webinar to get some new ideas for your own social media programsOn March 6th, our social media expert Cathy Buena will discuss:

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hoc obama*** Promise – no spoilers! ***

It was a day preceded by the utmost anticipation for Netflix subscribers (including Mr. President). On February 14th, Netflix unveiled its second season of House of Cards – and, oh my, an exciting season it is. Netflix saw a record high of subscribers, 16%, streaming at least one episode of House of Cards within the first 24 hours that it went live. And more than two percent of viewers finished the entire season (13 episodes!) by the end of the weekend. And for good reason!

Episode one pulled no punches, with surprises abound. I actually gasped aloud during certain scenes. This easily led me to hitting play on the second, third, and fourth episodes. Good thing it was a long weekend! While I wasn’t an ultimate binger on #HoC (my husband’s aversion to the show prevents this), I did watch the episodes in long spurts, my longest binge being this Wednesday night, five hours in a row – I wear this as a badge of honor.

I still have two more episodes to watch before I complete the season, and that is slated for my lazy Saturday afternoon. In the meantime, I thought it would be interesting to see some numbers on who is posting, how many are posting, and other fun stuff about House of Cards from VI.

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On February 19th, we conducted a webcast titled “Combining Social and Enterprise Data to Increase Insight.” It was one of the most popular events we have run in the last 12 months. It is great to see so many people excited about the future of social media data analytics.

The objective of the webcast was to introduce the concept of combining social media with enterprise data and discuss potential areas of value. We chose to take a “foundational” approach to the webcast based on our understanding of where people are right now regarding their analytic capabilities. Our poll of the attendees confirmed our approach. The vast majority of the attendees are not combining social media and enterprise data now.

We asked the question, “What drove you to register for this event?” The options given were:

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