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sherlock holmes silhouette in studio on white backgroundLike many people, I love food.  Nothing compares to ordering that dish at a restaurant or cooking something at home that is suddenly your new favorite.  And there are times I want to share that information with the world.

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The spring season is traditionally a time of transformation and renewal.  It’s a great time to reassess and identify opportunities for improvement.  We at Visible embraced this idea and rolled up our sleeves to come up with helpful time savers for our clients.

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Whether it was Sim Bhullar of New Mexico State or Mamadou Ndiaye of the UC Irvine Anteaters, spectators of the ongoing NCAA basketball tournament got the chance to see some “big boys” play in the paint this year.

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Besides these giants, there were some “big” players off the court as well.

In what seems like the spirit of the bracket, Warren Buffett, business extraordinaire and owner of Berkshire Hathaway, agreed to back the billion dollar bracket challenge sponsored by Quicken Loans.

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Social-Media-Intelligence-It’s astounding to see the revolutionary progress of social media as a business practice in the past three years.

It wasn’t long ago that companies were trying to decide “if” they were going to embrace social media as a discipline. As Social Media Examiner reports, 97 percent of all marketers are now using social media to promote their business. With a percentage so high, it’s clear we’ve moved well beyond the decision of “if”.

The next chapter in social media for marketers was the focus on tracking and gathering as many likes, followers and fans as possible. While this made for some visually compelling internal growth charts, marketers quickly realized it didn’t help them prove the value of investing in social.

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epharmaEarlier this week, Visible attended the ePharma Summit in New York City, where social data and social analytics was a frequently discussed subject among the various panelists and keynote speakers from the world’s largest healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. One speaker effectively summarized this theme by talking about the difference between “Big Data” and “Smart Data.” There is a rising need in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space to more clearly understand various behavioral patterns of patients with various types of diseases and conditions and their so-called “patient journey,” which may include within the diagnosis and treatment stage, the use of various prescribed drugs. In addition to understanding the patient journey and various behavioral trends, such as a patient’s propensity to follow their prescribed treatment plan, there’s also a need to target and understand the voice of the physician or healthcare professional.

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This past holiday shopping season, Amazon dominated sales and social media conversation as some brick-and-mortar retailers, such as Best Buy, took a hit. In this webinar, we will use social data from the past two years to take a look at the 2013 holiday shopping season to see what consumers had to say about shopping during November and December across social media platforms —what were their likes and what were their pain points? We will show how consumers were talking about key retailers and how they felt about shopping on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

By using social data, companies can understand what’s driving purchasing behavior throughout the customer lifecycle and how they can improve what they are doing to create a superior experience. Companies can also tweak their strategy based on conversations taking place in social media. At the end of the webinar, we will discuss how holiday shopping behaviors are evolving, make predictions for the 2014 shopping season, and give recommendations as to what companies can do.

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McCorkindaleheadshotTina McCorkindale:
Associate Professor of PR, Appalachian State University

Tina’s research has been widely published in journals and books such as The Public Relations Journal and the Global Media Journal.  She serves on many boards such as the chair for PR Society of America’s (PRSA) Educators Academy and as a co-chair of the PRSA’s Research Committee.

There are great opportunities for pharma companies to accelerate innovation and build community through social media. One of the most beneficial tactics of implementing a social media program is listening. That may sound simple, but listening provides invaluable insight into your online audience and target market. Ignoring your online audience will force a loss in market share. When you listen to conversations happening online you will find that people are not typically speaking about adverse events, but rather they are seeking support and sharing information on lifestyle, experiences and tips.

Fear not: Industry research has shown that adverse event reporting is a small percentage of all social conversation on pharma topics. Knowing this, it is critical for pharma companies to make a concerted effort to listen because the majority of the conversations can be a very powerful third-party endorsement.

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Too often we hear from pharmaceutical companies that they see the benefits of social media, but they are resistant to adopting it because of an underlying fear about the legal risks, which are typically associated with Adverse Event Reporting (AER). In a heavily regulated industry and with millions of conversations happening online – from blogs and forums to Twitter and Facebook – it’s a logical fear for pharma companies to assume they are opening themselves up to problems.

But let’s look a little closer. As pharma companies know, there are four very specific criteria that must be met in order to constitute filing a report with the FDA. If a report does not contain all four elements, it will be returned as insufficient.  The FDA’s four parameters for submitting information about adverse experiences are:

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Data from black Friday is in and retailers are jumping for joy. Sales on Thanksgiving day grew to make combined Black Friday and Thanksgiving foot traffic sales over $12 billion this year. We’re also shopping more directly from our phones – Black Friday 2013 saw a huge jump in online sales as everyone tried to lock in great deals without having to wait in lines outside in the cold.

But what else are people chatting about related to the holiday season? Individuals are turning to Facebook and Twitter to share their wish list and holiday activities with friends and followers. Social Media continues to be a major resource for spreading holiday cheer and sending wishes to loved ones near and far. People chatted about the holiday season, shared stories about their Thanksgiving and discussed annual traditions such as lighting the menorah, decorating their tree with ornaments, putting up lights, sending out cards and spending time with family.


Discussions about Santa are trending up as we get closer to Christmas. The good news is that Santa is on Twitter so you can reach the man himself directly with a simple Tweet to @NORADsanta . Currently about 116,000 followers are tracking Santa as he gets ready for his global journey on his sleigh. If you are counting down the minutes until Santa packs up his bag and starts his trip you can also check out the Santa Tracker Countown at So you better be good for goodness sake – looks like Santa has gone digital and is plugged in. Given all the Tweeting and Facebooking you have been doing this year, he will get a pretty good idea if you have been naughty or nice!

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