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gskLast week I was honored to award Kerri Cunningham-Tedgi, Frannie DeFranco and Jeremy Pincus at GlaxoSmithKline with the Customer Innovation Award. The Customer Innovation Award recognizes our customers that leverage the Visible Intelligence platform for social media innovation inside their organization. Jack Denault, our SVP of Sales and I were able to award GSK with this honor in person, and we have a great picture of the winning team.

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epharmaEarlier this week, Visible attended the ePharma Summit in New York City, where social data and social analytics was a frequently discussed subject among the various panelists and keynote speakers from the world’s largest healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. One speaker effectively summarized this theme by talking about the difference between “Big Data” and “Smart Data.” There is a rising need in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space to more clearly understand various behavioral patterns of patients with various types of diseases and conditions and their so-called “patient journey,” which may include within the diagnosis and treatment stage, the use of various prescribed drugs. In addition to understanding the patient journey and various behavioral trends, such as a patient’s propensity to follow their prescribed treatment plan, there’s also a need to target and understand the voice of the physician or healthcare professional.

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Forrester report reflection

Forrester_LogoAmazing! That’s the best way to describe Visible’s placement — and our reaction – when we learned that we were again honored with the distinction as a “Leader” in the 2014 Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms 2014 Report.

Why does this matter? Not just because it’s amazing, but because of what it signifies.

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VisibleReleaseI will admit it. We are an excitable group here at Visible when it comes to social media and technology. We decided to kick off 2014 with an action-packed collection of new capabilities for our hardworking, time-strapped clients. Our January 2014 Visible Intelligence release features enhancements that save time and provide valuable insights so you can look like a social media rock star. New features include:

  • Cross-language searching for faster analysis: Great for global brands and multi-lingual social service teams!
  • Word exclusions from word clouds: Get rid of those unwanted words.
  • Easy segment comparisons: Gauge commonalities/differences in a snap.
  • Enhanced APIs and data exports: The data you need at your fingertips.
  • Ability to select time zones for scheduled posts: Easier publishing for global teams.

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Nine months ago, I set off on what turned out to be a winding road into the world of social software. My goal was to create a simple first-time buyers’ guide for Software Advice, but the task proved to be more arduous than I initially anticipated.

Unlike more established software markets, the social technology industry is in somewhat of a metamorphosis stage. New products are entering the market all the time, while others are being acquired, re-branded or spun into something else entirely.

I created an interactive tool called The Social App Map that helps buyers quickly navigate the market. I had two goals:

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Data from black Friday is in and retailers are jumping for joy. Sales on Thanksgiving day grew to make combined Black Friday and Thanksgiving foot traffic sales over $12 billion this year. We’re also shopping more directly from our phones – Black Friday 2013 saw a huge jump in online sales as everyone tried to lock in great deals without having to wait in lines outside in the cold.

But what else are people chatting about related to the holiday season? Individuals are turning to Facebook and Twitter to share their wish list and holiday activities with friends and followers. Social Media continues to be a major resource for spreading holiday cheer and sending wishes to loved ones near and far. People chatted about the holiday season, shared stories about their Thanksgiving and discussed annual traditions such as lighting the menorah, decorating their tree with ornaments, putting up lights, sending out cards and spending time with family.


Discussions about Santa are trending up as we get closer to Christmas. The good news is that Santa is on Twitter so you can reach the man himself directly with a simple Tweet to @NORADsanta . Currently about 116,000 followers are tracking Santa as he gets ready for his global journey on his sleigh. If you are counting down the minutes until Santa packs up his bag and starts his trip you can also check out the Santa Tracker Countown at So you better be good for goodness sake – looks like Santa has gone digital and is plugged in. Given all the Tweeting and Facebooking you have been doing this year, he will get a pretty good idea if you have been naughty or nice!

segInsight:  noun \ˈin-ˌsīt\

  1. The power or act of seeing into a situation.
  2. The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively.

It is a pretty lofty goal, isn’t it? Whenever performing root cause analysis on a business problem, it is the ultimate goal. Without it, you most likely will develop the wrong solution. But insight is not something that you can define before digging. Complicating the issue further is the fact that it can be derived from many sources.

In a recent webcast, Turbocharging Your Approach to Social Media Analysis, we asked the attendees a question: When performing social media analytics, what type of segmentation do you use?  Choose all that apply.  Here are the results:

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segmentationWhat are real insights? Let’s answer that question by answering what they aren’t. Real insights aren’t brand-level trendlines, or general metrics, or basic sentiment charts. They are calculated, methodical findings that result from segmentation. What do I mean by segmentation? Think of it this way: Your check engine light comes on in your car. That’s a top-level indicator that should prompt you to open the hood. It’s like a general trendline that shows a particular spike. You have no idea what that spike represents, you just know you should probably investigate. Opening the hood exposes the engine, but unless your car is spewing oil, chances are you’ll need to have further examination done to determine the issue. Data segmentation and true insight gathering follows this exact concept. Each part of the engine represents a segment of data, which must be analyzed further to identify the issue. By doing this, you compartmentalize your analysis, which enables you to identify the issue much more quickly, revealing an action that should be taken. Read more…

There is general agreement that bullying is bad. There have been some terrible stories about teens getting bullied and the long term impact on their lives. But what happens when an adult is the bully? Or more specifically, someone in the NFL who weighs over 300 pounds and gives a new team member a hard time? Like most people, I have been following the evolving story about Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, and the Miami Dolphins. When the story first broke many people were skeptical about the notion of grown men making millions of dollars being involved in a bullying situation. Worst case, it seems like some newbie hazing that spiraled out of control.

There are always two sides to every story. Yesterday, fellow players from the Miami Dolphins came to the defense of Incognito claiming that he is not a racist. Was this enough to sway the court of public opinion? What about the other elements of the story that have cropped up like the threating voice-mails to Martin and Incognito’s past history with other teams?

I used our Visible Intelligence social monitoring and analytics tool to look into the matter. The public is weighing in on the story with many discussions currently happening about Richie Incognito. There interesting thing about the results is that both players have both positive and negative comments about them with the majority being negative for each player. About 80% of comments about Incognito are negative but about the same ratio applies to Jonathan Martin which I thought was very surprising. It will be interesting to see how public opinion changes as more facts continue to be uncovered.

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The September Fall TV new show rollout is a bit like Christmas. It’s an exciting time when people come together looking forward to merriment, focusing a little less on their diets and dreaming of the wonderful experiences coming their way. In this case, all the exciting new shows that have been heavily promoted by all the networks. However, sometimes the reality of it all is that the experience rarely lives up to all they hype and all you get are terrible memories you can’t erase.

Leading up to September we put together our dream watch lists:

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