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3-THUMBSTOPPER1-master675I read a really interesting article from The New York Times over the weekend that I think proves social will become increasingly important. The article is a mini case study of how a large nutritional supplement company built and managed a large Facebook campaign:

How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

At the highest level, I thought it was interesting because it showed:

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segmentationWhat are real insights? Let’s answer that question by answering what they aren’t. Real insights aren’t brand-level trendlines, or general metrics, or basic sentiment charts. They are calculated, methodical findings that result from segmentation. What do I mean by segmentation? Think of it this way: Your check engine light comes on in your car. That’s a top-level indicator that should prompt you to open the hood. It’s like a general trendline that shows a particular spike. You have no idea what that spike represents, you just know you should probably investigate. Opening the hood exposes the engine, but unless your car is spewing oil, chances are you’ll need to have further examination done to determine the issue. Data segmentation and true insight gathering follows this exact concept. Each part of the engine represents a segment of data, which must be analyzed further to identify the issue. By doing this, you compartmentalize your analysis, which enables you to identify the issue much more quickly, revealing an action that should be taken. Read more…

So now that the dust has settled, I think it’s safe to objectively reminisce on the magic and mayhem that is the MTV Video Music Awards.  Obviously the buzz was about Miley Cyrus and her (in)famous performance.  But there were other exciting events, Lady Gaga’s first performance of her new single “Applause” and Katy Perry closing the show with her biggest hit ever, “Roar.”

I’m not going to lie, I love the VMAs, in fact all things award-showy.  I love the fashion, the performances, agreeing or disagreeing with each award won, and above all: watching the crowd’s reactions.


I know what I was excited about but I was interested to see what everyone else in the social world was excited about, talking about….and is still talking about.

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Most marketers would agree that brand advocacy programs are a good idea.  The ultimate challenge is finding and nurturing customers that are so passionate about your brand that they become your brand’s strongest and most vocal advocates.  They are literally your biggest fans and are not shy about actively touting their opinions to their network.  Imagine the Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen from Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, all rolled into one individual.

Social media has made it easier than ever for brand advocates to share their opinions about their experiences.  It’s as simple as a Tweet, Pin, Facebook post, blog entry or product review on a shopping site.  But what truly drives people to express their passion for a brand is still largely a mystery.

The new Global Advocacy study from Social@Ogilvy used data from Visible Technologies to delve into the topic and uncover the key drivers of brand advocacy.  The Ogilvy study analyzed 7 million mentions of 22 brands and 8 feature films across 4 countries (China, Brazil, UK and US).  The findings include insights that true passion is rare, brands are largely failing at driving advocacy in social media, and that a high volume of advocacy is surprisingly driven by everyday experiences such as being delighted by a great product feature, an exceptional service experience or a good deal. Read more…

This situation, although specific to you, is actually quite typical:

Working for a large US airline, you are in a staff meeting and a debate about a competitor’s recent launch of a “checked baggage subscription” ensues. Your boss says “I bet that really caught fire in social media!”
On the spot you launch into Visible Intelligence (VI) to quickly segment and identify the volume, tone, and conversation trends related to that announcement. As always: you are able to provide that intelligence on the spot. Nothing new here.

But, the conversation quickly expands into how the discussion about baggage compares and contrasts across the competitors. Using the new VI enhancements introduced in the April and June releases, you can quickly pull-up those views for comparisons. Read more…

Managing the exponentially growing volume of social media data can be daunting. Our June Visible Intelligence (VI) product release includes solutions to help you further organize important posts, streamline your workflows, and get to the nuggets that matter faster.  We have also added new analytics that can be leveraged to calculate reach of online content to help you understand the impact of your social media efforts. 

  • Enhanced segmentation to better manage and engage with the growing number of posts.
  • Compare results to quickly get to insights.
  • Assess messaging and social conversation “reach” with expanded analytics.

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The Olympics have finally begun, and many of us spent the weekend glued to the TV in an effort to follow the athletic meeting of nations. But now the work week has started and withdrawal has set in. Never fear! We have collected some of the best ways to keep up with the Olympics–without too much distraction from work–or to round out your experience if you are lucky enough to be watching during business hours.

First, a look at the London 2012 kick-off, the opening ceremony. The high volume event had so many popular moments, it is hard to choose a favorite. Which ones were most discussed? The following share of voice, drawn from Visible’s® monitoring platform Visible Intelligence®, analyzes the most prominent terms for the night. Not surprisingly, the James Bond scene between the Queen of England and Daniel Craig (it feels ridiculous to even type those names together!) was the most discussed of the evening, followed by discussion around the ceremony’s director Danny Boyle, Rowan Atkinson’s “Mr. Bean” appearance, Paul McCartney’s closing performance, David Beckham’s torch delivery, JK Rowling and Kenneth Branagh.

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Bond always wins.

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On Monday social gurus from around the country will be gathering in Boston forGravity Summit’s annual FutureM conference to learn best practices for attracting and retaining customers in the age of digital business. We’re excited to be sponsoring the event and our SVP of Business Development, Elizabeth Morgan, will be there to speak on Visible’s behalf about social influence and its impact on social capital.

Among other topics, Elizabeth will be discussing why effective measurement and metrics for defining the social influence of the consumer is one of the most important areas of social business today. If you’re attending FutureM, make sure to come hear about how brands and vendors are working to solve this challenge and opportunity.

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Gender Inference in Practice

Recently I wrote about MITRE Corporation’s research [1] on gender inference from Twitter and the associated media coverage. To recap, while you can find signals about an author’s gender in what they write, a person’s name is the strongest single indication about their gender and analyzing their tweets provides only modest (although still useful) improvements.

I also mentioned we’re inferring author gender here at Visible. What I didn’t mention that we’re doing this across all types of social media metrics (e.g. Facebook, blogs, forums, reviews, comments) in addition to Twitter.

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