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We sponsored and presented again this year at the 4th Annual Gravity Summit that took place just over a week ago on the UCLA Campus in Los Angeles, CA. It seems this event never disappoints as it was a spectacular day of learning and sharing about social media monitoring in the world of sports and entertainment. Not to mention the presence of some big names from these industries, including Warren Sapp, Janiva Gavankar, and for the 80’s music fans out there, Curt Smith from Tears for Fears.

There’s nothing more social than sports and entertainment. Community, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, celebrity, and personal branding—all of these things tie into the idea of social media and define sports and entertainment. These two worlds are absolutely merging. Read more…

Next Wednesday, February 22nd, we’ll be down in LA to attend the 2012 Gravity Summit event at the UCLA campus. The Gravity Summit, now in its fourth year, brings together media influencers from sports, entertainment, and social media to talk about how social has transformed marketing and fandom in these industries. This year will be the largest event yet, bringing together over 300 top influencers and decision makers from some of the largest companies in Hollywood.

Last year we sponsored the third Gravity Summit event and we’re excited to be doing so again as the summit continues to grow. The event will take place at UCLA’s Covel Common Conference Center and it’s not too late to register. If you’re in the area, make sure to attend to gain valuable insights from some of the most influential social pros in sports and entertainment!

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On Monday social gurus from around the country will be gathering in Boston forGravity Summit’s annual FutureM conference to learn best practices for attracting and retaining customers in the age of digital business. We’re excited to be sponsoring the event and our SVP of Business Development, Elizabeth Morgan, will be there to speak on Visible’s behalf about social influence and its impact on social capital.

Among other topics, Elizabeth will be discussing why effective measurement and metrics for defining the social influence of the consumer is one of the most important areas of social business today. If you’re attending FutureM, make sure to come hear about how brands and vendors are working to solve this challenge and opportunity.

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As I mentioned in my post last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual Gravity Summit at UCLA.  Everyone from Pharma, Food , Retail, and Entertainment participated and shared some very valuable insight about social media then, social media now, and social media next.

Some of the day’s presenter highlights include:

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I had the chance to attend the 3rd Annual Gravity Summit at UCLA earlier this week.  And, wow, it was chock-full of social media information – so much so that I’ve broken my recap into two parts.

Today, I’ll cover the “Social Media Marketer of the Year” award and on Monday I’ll recap highlights from the amazing presentations I heard from Simon Mainwairing of FastCompany, Brian Dresher of Mashable, Justin Goldsborough of Fleishman Hillard, and Ramon DeLeon of Domino’s Pizza - so stayed tuned!

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We are looking forward to attending the Gravity Summit today, where old-school rap artist MC Hammer is being awarded the Social Media Marketer of the Year Award presented by Jeremy Blacklow, managing editor of You might be wondering: how did the maven who brought us “U Can’t Touch This” and Hammer pants transform into a social media guru with more than two million followers on Twitter?

He claims that Silicon Valley technology has inspired him over the years to spread his messages globally and get an early jump on the Internet, social media platforms and techniques like using streaming video. So the question is for brands — are there any lessons to be learned from MC Hammer?

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From Rap to Tweet: MC Hammer Rules

When you hear the name MC Hammer, what comes to mind? For me, the rap song You Can’t Touch This immediately fills my head, and I start grooving to the beat …

My-my-my-my music hits me so hard makes me say oh my Lord
Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet
It feels good when you know you’re down
A superdope homeboy from the Oaktown
And I’m known as such
And this is a beat uh u can’t touch

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