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3-THUMBSTOPPER1-master675I read a really interesting article from The New York Times over the weekend that I think proves social will become increasingly important. The article is a mini case study of how a large nutritional supplement company built and managed a large Facebook campaign:

How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

At the highest level, I thought it was interesting because it showed:

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blogging-14Recently I was asked for some advice about setting up a blog; not so much the technical aspects of it, but how you actually go about doing it.  I realized that this speaks to something I am seeing more and more companies asking, as well, as they look for creative ways to build engaging communities – “How do I do it, how do I find things to write about, and how often should I do it?”  Creating content, both original and curated, remains a hot topic and social media can provide a treasure trove of material to help.

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Yesterday I blogged about the VMA performances heard around the world. Today I am going to focus on what matters most with any award show – Fashion.

Taylor Swift looked beautiful with Great Gatsby-esque hair and many others were lovely or trendy but I really appreciated the throw back styles of a select few. Miley Cyrus seemed inspired by 2009 Gwen Stefani, because 4 years ago can be vintage.


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The world, and the media camped out in front of London’s St. Mary’s hospital, has been waiting for months for the arrival of the latest member of the British royal family.  At last, yesterday the baby’s birth was announced.  Social media lit up as posts flew about the #RoyalBaby.  To those of you who somehow missed it.  #itsaboy!  As you can see from the word cloud below, there was lots of discussion leading up to the birth about the baby, the baby’s parents, other royal family members, the hospital and the fact that the baby will be third in line to the British throne.


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Today’s story about Amazon’s attempt to pay homage to James Gandolfini is a reminder that companies need to think twice about trying to profit (or being perceived to) from a natural disaster or, in this case the sad passing of a beloved celebrity.

For those of you catching up, James Gandolfini’s sudden death on Wednesday caught many by surprise.  Fans around the world mourned with many expressing their thoughts and sharing their condolences on social channels.  Some Sopranos fans most likely remembered Mr. Gandolfini by watching old episodes of the iconic show.  But the line was drawn when was perceived to try to profit from the tragedy.

The company briefly published a post to its Facebook page remembering Gandolfini, known best for his role as Tony Soprano, that included a link to purchase Sopranos DVDs on Amazon, according to the Consumerist. The company later pulled the post, but not before Facebook commenters could deride Amazon for its poor timing.

I doubt this was a deliberate move by Amazon to cash in on James Gandolfini’s death.  However, it should  be a lesson to other companies about the pitfalls of using a sad event to drive profits.  History indicates that there is a natural bump in sales after a celebrity’s death anyway, as seen in sales of Whitney Houston’s music after her death.  It’s important to think twice about how even a well-intended dedication will be perceived by loyal fans.

This is a guest post by Jana Fung, Marketing Manager of

As new digital ad formats surface in the industry, advertisers with limited budgets must optimize their budget by investing in the right campaigns for their market.  Social ads alone already have a handful of ad formats that can be tested out, but can they be optimized? How much budget should you invest in Facebook vs. Twitter ads? Which Facebook ad format would work best for your business? Maybe a sponsored story, a pay-per-click (PPC) ad, or a sponsored search result.  Another possibility is running an ad through the Facebook Ad Exchange. Read more…

Top 5 Findings from Burson-Marsteller and Visible Technologies

A few months ago, we embarked on a special project with Burson-Marstellar to pull together some data for their 3rd installment of the Global Social Media Check-up Report. The report measures social media use among the top of the 2012 Fortune Global 100 companies. The data was collected in February 2012 and looked at online activity for a one-month period.

The infographic shows that Twitter remains the most popular platform among the Fortune Global 100, but YouTube has proved to be the largest growth in corporate social media use. And how did Google Plus fair in all of this? Check out the infographic below.

Olympic Social Media Hub

Let the games begin!

This summer can’t come soon enough—and not just for the usual reasons. We are only two months away from The Olympic Games, the 17 day event that glues us to the TV (or if you are lucky enough, to an actual sports arena) to cheer on country, favorite athlete, or just the most obscure sport. Feeling full to brimming with the Olympic spirit and with little to do with it until the July 27 opening ceremony, I decided to take a look at its most recent social effort. Read more…

The Hunger Games

Image via Lionsgate

This previous weekend was notable in Seattle for its glorious weather (some of us might have seriously considered trying to swim in the lake) but I suspect many locals were otherwise engaged–as was the entire country. It was the Hunger Games opening weekend and if you didn’t see the movie I think I can reasonably assume that you know someone who did.

I was free to enjoy the weekend glimpse of sun because I was one of the crazies (fans) in line to see the midnight screening Thursday night. I know the reaction to the film that took place in my theater, but I am no movie reviewer! Let’s leave that to the expert social media masses. Using Visible Intelligence®, I took a look at conversation around the film– whose well documented social media presence has been impressive leading up to the premiere (the advanced screening Twitter contest, elaborate suite of websites, and engaging Facebook page are just the tip of the iceberg) to see what the talking points were. Read more…

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