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The benefits of integrating social data into your existing business CRM data are tangible and plentiful.  Social media is powerful, but it is ten times more informative and actionable when combined with traditional media, existing systems and emerging technologies like mobile.  In this final post in our series we will look at the fifth and most cost prohibitive challenge for businesses integrating social media if they choose to do it on their own.

For reference, in part 1, we looked at the challenges of enormous social data volumes that can easily overwhelm enterprise systems and put the rest of their organization at risk.  In part 2, the difficulties of managing unstructured social data as well as the new methods and standards of accessing social data were addressed.  In the last post, part 3, we covered the challenges of cleaning, organizing and enriching social data to make it useful and meaningful. Let’s take a look at the fifth of the most notable challenges to integrating social media data into your business and how Visible® can help. Read more…

For those of you interested in hearing more about our latest video and the tips to unlocking social media success we thought we would share the highlights. By following these golden rules of social media, companies will be well positioned for innovation and success.

1. Success requires being a social company at enterprise scale.

Social media as an ad hoc test, or departmental implementation, is not where big value results. Social media success requires being a social company at enterprise scale. Its true power lies in the ability to help you improve the performance of every customer touch. By committing to work together across departments you will improve short term and long term results.

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