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Most marketers would agree that brand advocacy programs are a good idea.  The ultimate challenge is finding and nurturing customers that are so passionate about your brand that they become your brand’s strongest and most vocal advocates.  They are literally your biggest fans and are not shy about actively touting their opinions to their network.  Imagine the Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen from Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, all rolled into one individual.

Social media has made it easier than ever for brand advocates to share their opinions about their experiences.  It’s as simple as a Tweet, Pin, Facebook post, blog entry or product review on a shopping site.  But what truly drives people to express their passion for a brand is still largely a mystery.

The new Global Advocacy study from Social@Ogilvy used data from Visible Technologies to delve into the topic and uncover the key drivers of brand advocacy.  The Ogilvy study analyzed 7 million mentions of 22 brands and 8 feature films across 4 countries (China, Brazil, UK and US).  The findings include insights that true passion is rare, brands are largely failing at driving advocacy in social media, and that a high volume of advocacy is surprisingly driven by everyday experiences such as being delighted by a great product feature, an exceptional service experience or a good deal. Read more…

 Join us on July 18, 2013 to hear community outreach thought leader Anthony Mann  discuss the 5 W’s of Social Engagement!

This webinar, presented by community outreach thought leader, Anthony Mann, will walk you through some tips for effectively connecting with customers on social channels, discuss the framework of scaling your social engagement across multiple topics and/or business units, and show several examples of how a business at Microsoft engages with its community members.

For almost 10 years, Anthony and his company, Corporate Online Services, has been working at community building and engagement programs for various teams at Microsoft. He is the Windows Client forum owner on Microsoft TechNet, manages the Windows IT Pro outreach team, and was a Program Manager for Microsoft Answers, training key influencers on moderation procedures and practices. He has written numerous whitepapers and articles for Microsoft, as well as authored 15 books on various Microsoft technologies.

Register now to attend this webcast and join us on July 18 at 10:30am (PST).

At the recent Forrester Marketing Forum #FMF11 the key theme was around how rapid innovation is creating radical shifts in the methods and media that people use to engage with your company, brand, and products.

At a time when the evolving nature of social media is opening up new ways of thinking we decided to ask some of the attendees what they believe is the secret source of marketing innovation.

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Interesting panel at MediaPost’s OMMA Global yesterday, which sought to answer the question many marketers have been grappling with — what is the actual meaning and value of online fans?

Very timely topic given many global brands now command fan bases as high as 20 million and are expected to double their investment in advertising on Facebook this year to over four billion. And as Justin Kistner from Webtrends highlighted in his preceding presentation, 35% of consumers buy more after becoming a fan of a brand on Facebook, and ads aimed at fans enjoy an average click through rate (CTR) is 35% compared to 7% in regular online ads. With stats this high, it’s no wonder brands need to start taking Facebook fans more seriously.

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As I mentioned in my post last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Annual Gravity Summit at UCLA.  Everyone from Pharma, Food , Retail, and Entertainment participated and shared some very valuable insight about social media then, social media now, and social media next.

Some of the day’s presenter highlights include:

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When American humorist Arnold Glasow said, “Only a strong tree can stand alone,” it was in a world where social media did not yet exist. The social Web has changed the shape of customer relationships and social media’s power lies in its ability to create a true social enterprise that improves the performance of every customer touch point. And unlike a strong tree, the real potential of social media can never be fully realized in isolation.

Within the social enterprise itself, there is no place for “information silos” – management systems incapable of reciprocal operation with other, related management systems. If productive and timely communication about insights drawn from the social sphere cannot occur among key stakeholders internally, there is no way to achieve the scale and velocity of social conversations that are necessary to engage a community quickly, efficiently, and with a response that builds customer satisfaction and brand affinity.

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Today’s post in our Social Resolutions for 2011 series is about integrating social media with traditional marketing for lead generation. This segment was also part of our January 11th Webcast that can be found here.

People often ask if social media efforts should replace traditional marketing. The answers to that question vary per individual, but we believe that traditional marketing is still very capable of targeting specific demographics. There is no doubt that social media is growing at an exponential rate, and is an increasingly important form of marketing. But social media should be used as a powerful tool to complement traditional marketing, not replace it. By combining both traditional and social marketing, you can create a campaign that incorporates strategies to both reach and engage as many potential customers as possible.

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