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I recently went with a group of 145 people down to Tecate, Mexico. Our goal was to build 5 houses in 3 days for families that give our concept of “needy” a new meaning. Additionally, I wanted to bless the family I was building for financially. I had a certain amount of money set aside that I planned to donate, but, with a “spur of the moment” idea, 3 days before I left I decided to take to Facebook to see how much more money I could raise from my “friends”. I posted updates like the following:

I’ll be in Mexico next week building a house for a family of 5 that lives on $85/mo. If you’d like to make a donation directly to this family please let me know!

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So, it has been a week for me as Visible Technologies new Community Manager. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty cool when people ask me what I do now and I answer with things like, “I tweet”, “I Facebook”, and “I read interesting articles and blogs”. While my evolving job description will certainly grow to include much more, it’s shocking how those tasks alone can completely fill my day. Perhaps equally shocking is just how excited I get when I get a response to an article I’ve posted or a re-tweet. I’m now more excited to check Visible’s accounts for updates than I am to check my own personal accounts!

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Chris Brogan’s recent post provided an excellent reminder on what good social media etiquette is and included an extensive list of “proper” social behavior points – if you missed it I highly recommend checking it out.  Pointers like his are extremely helpful as navigating what’s appropriate in the social realm can be challenging at times, especially when you know a misstep could have dire viral consequences.

As a community manager myself, I think of social media as a global ‘cocktail party’ (fun, right?). So, whenever I find myself questioning social media etiquette I ask myself “how would this be received at a dinner party?”.  I think this analogy serves as a good rule of thumb: bringing good “party manners” to the social media mixer has proven to be one great way to avoid a social media faux pas.

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