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Join us on August 28, 2013 to hear our Director of Research and Analytics share how social media analytics can help companies identify and manage perceptions about their brand!

Everyone can cite a few of the latest public corporate “oops” moments that inevitably make the rounds on social channels. It becomes a punch line on late night shows and then generally fades into distant memory. But what if negative perceptions about a brand persist and begin to impact sales, partnerships and even stock valuation? Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to identify where people are talking about your brand
  • How to successfully analyze negative content that detracts from the brand
  • Tips for leveraging insights to overcome negative brand perceptions

Mark Brandt, Visible’s Director of Research and Analytics, will address a case study showcasing a company currently experiencing a brand crisis. He will share how social media analytics can help companies monitor conversations about their brands, understand evolving issues and proactively manage brand perception.

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Most marketers would agree that brand advocacy programs are a good idea.  The ultimate challenge is finding and nurturing customers that are so passionate about your brand that they become your brand’s strongest and most vocal advocates.  They are literally your biggest fans and are not shy about actively touting their opinions to their network.  Imagine the Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen from Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, all rolled into one individual.

Social media has made it easier than ever for brand advocates to share their opinions about their experiences.  It’s as simple as a Tweet, Pin, Facebook post, blog entry or product review on a shopping site.  But what truly drives people to express their passion for a brand is still largely a mystery.

The new Global Advocacy study from Social@Ogilvy used data from Visible Technologies to delve into the topic and uncover the key drivers of brand advocacy.  The Ogilvy study analyzed 7 million mentions of 22 brands and 8 feature films across 4 countries (China, Brazil, UK and US).  The findings include insights that true passion is rare, brands are largely failing at driving advocacy in social media, and that a high volume of advocacy is surprisingly driven by everyday experiences such as being delighted by a great product feature, an exceptional service experience or a good deal. Read more…

The world, and the media camped out in front of London’s St. Mary’s hospital, has been waiting for months for the arrival of the latest member of the British royal family.  At last, yesterday the baby’s birth was announced.  Social media lit up as posts flew about the #RoyalBaby.  To those of you who somehow missed it.  #itsaboy!  As you can see from the word cloud below, there was lots of discussion leading up to the birth about the baby, the baby’s parents, other royal family members, the hospital and the fact that the baby will be third in line to the British throne.


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If you’re actively harnessing social listening platforms to deliver insights to your marketing and customer service organizations, congratulations! These two use cases, though most common, are in some ways also the most critical as they represent channels to both acquire and retain customers. But what’s beyond this? Some of the most advanced users of social listening platforms are hard at work developing processes to feed insights to multiple organizations within their companies, often referred to as “scaling across the enterprise.”

The Visible Intelligence platform is built to scale with the enterprise in mind. Here are four ways to scale social data across the enterprise:

1. Form a Steering Committee

Often times ideas get shot down because they don’t have enough executive buy-in. Form a cross-functional steering committee that is comprised of one or two people from each organization within your company that you feel may benefit from social media data. Then secure what’s called an executive sponsor, or senior-level person who has the ability to get behind an initiative and work it through corporate hierarchies to receive additional support and visibility. Read more…

Last week, Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Tracy Stokes asked the question, “How Green Is Your Brand?”

With increased demand from consumers for environmental benefits, but also increased scrutiny from green claims, what are you doing to make your brand greener? Is it important to your consumers?

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“Social media is a reflection of what we love, so people are becoming very good at sharing exactly what they love and the brands and musicians they love,” writes Calum Branan in an article about Lada Gaga replacing Oprah as #1 on Fortune magazine’s Celebrity 100 list. “People relate to her and social networking is all about that personal connection. People look at her background and where she’s come from and they look at what she’s achieved in a relatively short period of time.”

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Many industries have begun to recognize the importance of an effective social strategy to stay competitive, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Beginning on Monday, May 2 the Advanced Research Institute will present its annual Social Media for Pharma conference in Princeton, NJ. Over 20 companies will be speaking at the event about planning for effective development, execution, and evaluation of Web 2.0 strategies.

The conference provides a forum for pharmaceutical professionals to share experiences and successes in the social media realm. In addition to the wide range of speakers, the event provides a number of opportunities such as networking lunches and unique workshop sessions covering topics such as:

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Vicki provides some quick tips in this 2 minute video on using the advanced Google Blog and Twitter search functions for estimating how much social media content you can expect to find on your brand, products, or a general topic of interest.  Watch the video by clicking the yellow link below:

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