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The new year means a fresh start and after the busy holiday season, we don’t blame you for wanting to jump forward. But before you move on to 2013, there is plenty of insight to be derived from the recent past.

With the rush of the holiday season behind us, we take a moment to reflect on what we can learn from it. Social networking is continuing to influence many aspects of the consumer-business relationship. How did it affect the shopping season and how does it continue to affect the bottom line? Find out in our upcoming Webcast on Tuesday, January 15, where expert analyst Susan Etlinger of Altimeter Group will be joining Visible business analyst Cathy Buena to discuss:

  • The challenges of utilizing and measuring social vs. traditional media
  • Insights on the most discussed products, brands, and campaigns of the 2012 holiday season
  • How companies are connecting this data to revenue and assessing their social ROI

Join us Tuesday, January 15 at 10:30 am Pacific for a recap of this year’s holiday social trends and a look into the business decisions being informed by these conversations. Register now!

Olympic Social Media Hub

Let the games begin!

This summer can’t come soon enough—and not just for the usual reasons. We are only two months away from The Olympic Games, the 17 day event that glues us to the TV (or if you are lucky enough, to an actual sports arena) to cheer on country, favorite athlete, or just the most obscure sport. Feeling full to brimming with the Olympic spirit and with little to do with it until the July 27 opening ceremony, I decided to take a look at its most recent social effort. Read more…

Register now for tomorrow’s webcast! Learn about enterprise social media monitoring platforms and how Visible® clients leverage data gained through Visible Intelligence®.

Join guest speaker, Forrester Research Inc. Analyst Zach Hofer-Shall and Elizabeth Morgan, Visible SVP of Business Development, for a complimentary webcast during which Zach will discuss insights from the new 2012 Enterprise Listening Platforms Forrester Wave™ report. The report provides a comprehensive evaluation of enterprise social media platforms on the market based on over 60 criteria that focus on each platform’s:

• Current offerings and capabilities
• Executive vision and strategy for future development
• Market presence in terms of current base, employees and partners Read more…

Social Media 2012We’re not even a full quarter of the way into 2012, but already social media has played an enormous role in developing this year’s major news stories. Just last month, two distinct events have received global attention after viral discussion took place on social media platforms.

On March 5, the founder of the NPO Invisible Children uploaded a video titled “Kony 2012” to YouTube, which urges its viewers to spread awareness and encourage the U.S. government to take action against the African warlord Joseph Kony. Due to a clever marketing campaign run almost entirely through social media, the video has gained over 84 million views, and has started a movement with a truly remarkable scope. Read more…

Puppy Bowl VIII vs. Super Bowl XLVI

While much of the country enjoyed (the ads of?) the Super Bowl on Sunday, many of the nation’s viewers chose a different spectacle to eat chili and drink beer to.

These are the people that want to participate in the heraldry and grandeur of the super bowl…but would prefer to watch adorable puppies instead of burly guys. These are the viewers of the Puppy Bowl, an event which annually sets a bunch of puppies loose in a room vaguely resembling a football stadium and lets them have at plush footballs. The show imitates the real thing, complete with player stats, a referee, pig cheerleaders (replacing last year’s spirited chickens) and even a half time show (this year it was “Kitty Half Time”).

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Since the dawn of democracy, politicians have aimed to reach as many voters as possible in order to get their messages across. This has always involved trekking around the country, shaking hands, and kissing babies, but nowadays social media has become an essential part of the election equation.

It’s no secret that the younger generation is the most active demographic in social media sphere, which means this space presents a ripe opportunity for candidates to court the ever elusive Young Voter.

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What’s Your Resolution?

It is now 2012 (in case you missed that) and before we can move forward, tradition demands that we set goals for the New Year. That’s right; it’s time to talk resolutions.

Do you have a resolution? Are you still following it? According to a 2002 study, almost 25% of New Year resolvers have given up by the end of the first week in January. This statistic makes this week-the second week of the new year- the perfect time to reflect on what we resolved. And maybe we can sway some of you on the brink of giving up! Keep with it!

What did the online world resolve for this coming year? To find out, I logged on to Visible Intelligence®, Visible’s® social media monitoring platform, and started searching! First, I skimmed over what people on the internet were talking about when talking about resolutions. The regular suspects were all there: this year, I’m losing weight, exercising more, cutting back on cigarettes or alcohol, spending less. There were also many things that fall under what I’m calling Self Improvement: I’m going to learn more, be nicer, and give back. People have big, admirable plans! Read more…

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