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1During a Kantar Twitter Workshop event, Larry Friedman, the Chief Research Officer at TNS, shared his excitement about the value that social media brings to a market researcher. His view, shared by many of the presenters was that social can be used in predictive models. “There is signal in the noise. You just have to extract it,” he explained. This gives marketers a jump on obtaining market reaction, enabling real-time decisions and adjustments as necessary.

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It’s that time of year again… to load up on thin mints and Samoas, of course.

1Girl Scouts are out in full force with their boxes of delicious goodness, but unfortunately, some people may have missed the chance to buy their beloved thin mints while they were at South by Southwest (SXSW) this week. Luckily, Oreo surprised SXSW attendees by using a 3D printer to create cookies based off of real-time trends on Twitter. #yummy

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agile-marketing-cycleCompanies need a strong social media presence to survive and grow — to do so, brands are beginning to capitalize on the value of social media intelligence as a critical element for marketing strategies. A recent Gleanster analysis reported that 85 percent of brand marketers are now using social media intelligence to drive their strategies. As these brands start leveraging the rich insights social media can provide, they will be forced to address the demand for real-time response and communication with customers. This leap to an agile content development, instant distribution and real-time performance environment is driving the creation of new models to ensure successful execution.

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Forrester report reflection

Forrester_LogoAmazing! That’s the best way to describe Visible’s placement — and our reaction – when we learned that we were again honored with the distinction as a “Leader” in the 2014 Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms 2014 Report.

Why does this matter? Not just because it’s amazing, but because of what it signifies.

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Nine months ago, I set off on what turned out to be a winding road into the world of social software. My goal was to create a simple first-time buyers’ guide for Software Advice, but the task proved to be more arduous than I initially anticipated.

Unlike more established software markets, the social technology industry is in somewhat of a metamorphosis stage. New products are entering the market all the time, while others are being acquired, re-branded or spun into something else entirely.

I created an interactive tool called The Social App Map that helps buyers quickly navigate the market. I had two goals:

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Join us on August 28, 2013 to hear our  Director of Research and Analytics share how social media analytics can help companies identify and manage perceptions about their brand!

Everyone can cite a few of the latest public corporate “oops” moments that inevitably make the rounds on social channels. It becomes a punch line on late night shows and then generally fades into distant memory. But what if negative perceptions about a brand persist and begin to impact sales, partnerships and even stock valuation? Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to identify where people are talking about your brand
  • How to successfully analyze negative content that detracts from the brand
  • Tips for leveraging insights to overcome negative brand perceptions

Mark Brandt, Visible’s Director of Research and Analytics, will address a case study showcasing a company currently experiencing a brand crisis. He will share how social media analytics can help companies monitor conversations about their brands, understand evolving issues and proactively manage brand perception.

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kantar US insightsKantar is one of the largest and most well-regarded global research firms today. They focus on finding data-driven insights and helping their clients around the world drive business impact from those insights. Recently, they have partnered with Visible to showcase trends that are unfolding in business, politics and even pop culture and dissect those trends in real time. The result is the Kantar US Pulse, powered by Visible, the first demonstration of Visible’s capabilities to be made public and leveraged as a newsmaking resource.

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If you’re actively harnessing social listening platforms to deliver insights to your marketing and customer service organizations, congratulations! These two use cases, though most common, are in some ways also the most critical as they represent channels to both acquire and retain customers. But what’s beyond this? Some of the most advanced users of social listening platforms are hard at work developing processes to feed insights to multiple organizations within their companies, often referred to as “scaling across the enterprise.”

The Visible Intelligence platform is built to scale with the enterprise in mind. Here are four ways to scale social data across the enterprise:

1. Form a Steering Committee

Often times ideas get shot down because they don’t have enough executive buy-in. Form a cross-functional steering committee that is comprised of one or two people from each organization within your company that you feel may benefit from social media data. Then secure what’s called an executive sponsor, or senior-level person who has the ability to get behind an initiative and work it through corporate hierarchies to receive additional support and visibility. Read more…

Last week, Brian Solis from Altimeter presented his thoughts about the True Power of Employee Advocacy.  If you missed it, you can access the webinar and the slides in our resources library

What was shocking to me was a statistic that Brian shared about the number of social media incidents that were reported in the Social Business Survey conducted by Altimeter.  In 2012, a majority of companies (51%) indicated that they had at least one violation of their organization’s social media policy.  There were some great examples of these types of incidents shared during the webinar.  These were the types of stories that make marketers chuckle, yet sigh in relief that their company was not involved.

It was interesting to hear that 37% of companies rate their employees’ knowledge of social media usage and related policies as “poor” or “very poor”.  Meanwhile they indicate that only 27% of employees  are aware and trained on their company’s social media usage policies  Clearly, there are some opportunities for improvement.

However, there is an opportunity to go beyond handing out some corporate policies about social media.  Brian had some great points about the need to engage internally before engaging externally.  Developing and clearly communicating your brand’s personality and your company’s social business strategy can arm employees with the knowledge of why the company is setting out to engage on social media channels and the value for customers and stakeholders.  A great way to go beyond “do no harm” to true employee advocacy.  Listen to the webinar to learn more about employee advocacy from Brian Solis.


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