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There is a lot of excitement about the new September Visible Intelligence (VI) release. One of my favorite new capabilities is applying a Category to an entire dashboard. In seconds, you can have a complete segmented view of all of the widgets that you’ve placed on your dashboard. It’s extremely fast and powerful for many use cases, including:
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There has been plenty of press over the past couple of weeks disparaging the news that Twitter would begin using algorithmic feed curation. To entrenched Twitter users, this goes against the grain. “I select which tweets I want to see, and don’t want that muddied by irrelevant noise.”

Cutting to the chase, I’m inclined to believe that there are times that this could actually enhance my experience. And even when it doesn’t help, it may not be all that perceivable to me (i.e. I won’t be overwhelmed by noise).

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3-THUMBSTOPPER1-master675I read a really interesting article from The New York Times over the weekend that I think proves social will become increasingly important. The article is a mini case study of how a large nutritional supplement company built and managed a large Facebook campaign:

How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

At the highest level, I thought it was interesting because it showed:

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t-mobile-tim-tebow-no-contract-commercialAttribution – Linking Social and Traditional Marketing with Conversions

Being at the forefront of the technology space has its benefits, the best of which is the opportunity to hear about new challenges our clients and prospects seek to answer with social data. It’s fun to collaborate with smart people on solution architecture that serves not only the here and now, but also to address issues they foresee on the horizon. One of the more common topics I’ve heard recently is around drawing correlation between offline and online marketing activities, and the ability to more fully understand attribution as it relates to an actual conversion.

A conversion, whether represented by filling out a form, or more tangibly, an actual sale, occurs as a result of a number of other factors that led to that event. Leveraging social analytics technology to uncover valuable insights related to the events that led up to the conversion is not as hard as one might think, and in fact, drawing a correlation to online and offline activities may seem complex, but it’s something we can effectively address.

Here’s an example that we sometimes use to illustrate how marketers can leverage Visible to more accurately assess the interconnectedness of traditional and social media and tie findings to conversions:

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geekGeekWire is an independent technology news site and online community covering people, companies and innovations emerging from the Pacific Northwest and impacting the world.  It publishes a ranking of Seattle area start-up companies called the GeekWire 200, and we are pleased to be listed as number 37 out of 200 on that list!

The GeekWire 200 focuses on publicly available data to identify technology companies that are most popular and trending among key online communities. The list is updated on a monthly basis, generated from GeekWire’s Startup List, a comprehensive directory of the region’s tech startups. It is sortable by B2B and B2C companies, as well as 20 different sub-categories.

Our placement on this list speaks volumes to the high quality of our product, and the excellence that our employees exhibit every day. We’re excited to be featured on the list, and look forward to further development at Visible that will earn us an even higher spot on their list.

To see the full list of all GeekWire 200 companies, click here >>

gskLast week I was honored to award Kerri Cunningham-Tedgi, Frannie DeFranco and Jeremy Pincus at GlaxoSmithKline with the Customer Innovation Award. The Customer Innovation Award recognizes our customers that leverage the Visible Intelligence platform for social media innovation inside their organization. Jack Denault, our SVP of Sales and I were able to award GSK with this honor in person, and we have a great picture of the winning team.

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sherlock holmes silhouette in studio on white backgroundExperiencing persistent negative perceptions is not uncommon for a brand. To uncover the reasons for them, companies often look at the landscape of their social research by getting reports of post volume and sentiment.

That type of data only skims the surface of the problem, however. Companies are not diving deep enough with just those raw results. The next step in the detective work is bringing deeper segmentation and analysis to find real business answers.

Deep segmentation of data allows marketers to attack the problem from a specific point of view, getting to the root of what’s causing and driving it, and where and how people are talking about it. Marketers can get better insights from unstructured content, and the only way to do that is by breaking it down to levels beyond just media channel, volume, and sentiment. Therein lies the evolution of social.

Though different ways to approach segmentation exist, this post will focus on three levels of dissection from which a brand can gain huge insight in researching a negative perception problem.

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1During a Kantar Twitter Workshop event, Larry Friedman, the Chief Research Officer at TNS, shared his excitement about the value that social media brings to a market researcher. His view, shared by many of the presenters was that social can be used in predictive models. “There is signal in the noise. You just have to extract it,” he explained. This gives marketers a jump on obtaining market reaction, enabling real-time decisions and adjustments as necessary.

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It’s that time of year again… to load up on thin mints and Samoas, of course.

1Girl Scouts are out in full force with their boxes of delicious goodness, but unfortunately, some people may have missed the chance to buy their beloved thin mints while they were at South by Southwest (SXSW) this week. Luckily, Oreo surprised SXSW attendees by using a 3D printer to create cookies based off of real-time trends on Twitter. #yummy

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