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The spring season is traditionally a time of transformation and renewal.  It’s a great time to reassess and identify opportunities for improvement.  We at Visible embraced this idea and rolled up our sleeves to come up with helpful time savers for our clients.

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VisibleReleaseI will admit it. We are an excitable group here at Visible when it comes to social media and technology. We decided to kick off 2014 with an action-packed collection of new capabilities for our hardworking, time-strapped clients. Our January 2014 Visible Intelligence release features enhancements that save time and provide valuable insights so you can look like a social media rock star. New features include:

  • Cross-language searching for faster analysis: Great for global brands and multi-lingual social service teams!
  • Word exclusions from word clouds: Get rid of those unwanted words.
  • Easy segment comparisons: Gauge commonalities/differences in a snap.
  • Enhanced APIs and data exports: The data you need at your fingertips.
  • Ability to select time zones for scheduled posts: Easier publishing for global teams.

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On October 16th, we had the opportunity to conduct a webcast with a guest speaker from Ogilvy – SVP Irfan Kamal. A few months back, Ogilvy embarked on a study to try to find out what drives true brand advocacy. Put simply, an advocate is what you want. Satisfied customers have a limited value in comparison.  Advocates will talk positively about your business not only when asked, but whenever they think the information is valuable to others. That advocacy can be amplified by social media in huge ways. The presentation reviewed the drivers of advocacy in four major markets. It was really interesting to see that different things drive advocacy in different markets. I won’t give the secret away here. Check out the webcast. It will give you more great info than I ever could in a blog post.

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In our August 28th webinar presentation, we examined what type of scenarios are typical when negative perceptions about a brand are observed.  The first scenario we identified as a Brand Crisis, resulting from an offensive post or immediate backlash from a message.  The second scenario we identified as Persistence, resulting from continued negative perceptions about a brand over time.  For the Persistence scenario, which is what our webinar focused on, we used the topic of “Monsanto and GMO’s discussion” as our case study.

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