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letoThere is always so much to talk about at the water cooler the day after the Oscars – disbelief that one actor didn’t win, shock that an actress actually wore that dress , surprise that a selfie could get retweeted enough times to actually break Twitter for a bit.

I must say that this year, despite some amazing musical performances, breathtaking gowns and tribute to Academy members passed, one moment from this year’s Academy Awards that really stood out came early in the evening: Jared Leto’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

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agile-marketing-cycleCompanies need a strong social media presence to survive and grow — to do so, brands are beginning to capitalize on the value of social media intelligence as a critical element for marketing strategies. A recent Gleanster analysis reported that 85 percent of brand marketers are now using social media intelligence to drive their strategies. As these brands start leveraging the rich insights social media can provide, they will be forced to address the demand for real-time response and communication with customers. This leap to an agile content development, instant distribution and real-time performance environment is driving the creation of new models to ensure successful execution.

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hoc obama*** Promise – no spoilers! ***

It was a day preceded by the utmost anticipation for Netflix subscribers (including Mr. President). On February 14th, Netflix unveiled its second season of House of Cards – and, oh my, an exciting season it is. Netflix saw a record high of subscribers, 16%, streaming at least one episode of House of Cards within the first 24 hours that it went live. And more than two percent of viewers finished the entire season (13 episodes!) by the end of the weekend. And for good reason!

Episode one pulled no punches, with surprises abound. I actually gasped aloud during certain scenes. This easily led me to hitting play on the second, third, and fourth episodes. Good thing it was a long weekend! While I wasn’t an ultimate binger on #HoC (my husband’s aversion to the show prevents this), I did watch the episodes in long spurts, my longest binge being this Wednesday night, five hours in a row – I wear this as a badge of honor.

I still have two more episodes to watch before I complete the season, and that is slated for my lazy Saturday afternoon. In the meantime, I thought it would be interesting to see some numbers on who is posting, how many are posting, and other fun stuff about House of Cards from VI.

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The annual polarizing love fest

heartEvery year around February 14th, whether you’re single or happily attached, one ends up taking a stance on the celebration of the polarizing event –Valentine’s Day. Some enjoy planning for a traditional celebration with their beloved, while others make an anti-Valentine’s statement on their own or with a group of like-minded people.

I myself am so-so about the holiday. I could go without it, but because society has instilled within me from an early age the longing to be romantic on said day (think Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school and the obligatory valentines to be dropped in everyone’s mail box at their desks), I find myself participating in the festivities – mostly just dinner with my husband, and a card proclaiming my love for him (which of course can’t be done on any other day).

So, because of my conformist ways, I thought it would be interesting to see what others on both sides of the chocolate coin have to say about this annual commercial love fest.

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blogging-14Recently I was asked for some advice about setting up a blog; not so much the technical aspects of it, but how you actually go about doing it.  I realized that this speaks to something I am seeing more and more companies asking, as well, as they look for creative ways to build engaging communities – “How do I do it, how do I find things to write about, and how often should I do it?”  Creating content, both original and curated, remains a hot topic and social media can provide a treasure trove of material to help.

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As our enterprise customers expand their use of Visible Intelligence around the globe, they need the ability to target posts across many languages and geographies. The new January VI release makes it even easier to analyze this dynamic growth in social conversations.

One of the cool new January VI capabilities is the ability to target posts across numerous languages – with a single search. Once you have that data, you can then use all of the other VI robust filtering and segmentation capabilities to refine to a view that answers your business questions. Let me illustrate with a very simple example:

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Super Bowl commercial champions

In the last 48 years, the Super Bowl has become the center piece of every sports fans’ year. Even when their preference is baseball, basketball or soccer, it seems that every American loyally displays their favorite football team’s colors and partakes in four hours of entertaining but grueling athletic warfare on this spectacular Sunday.

However, the Super Bowl stopped being about just the game a long time ago. With such participation comes amazing opportunity for businesses to vie for the attention of these fans, held captive by their team loyalty, with the top commercials creating just as much, if not more buzz than the game itself. With social media, these fans and viewers can provide immediate feedback. Whether it is a fan tweeting about their favorite player or a teenager laughing at a funny commercial, viewers are now deeply engaged in both game time and commercial time festivities.

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Best memes of 2013

2013 was full of exciting events: Reality TV royalty had a baby; actual royalty had a baby; Beyonce shut down the SuperDome’s power; the government shut down everything but their gym; Miley Cyrus twerked the world into a frenzy; and Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes seem to have finally made it through their frenzies.

Generations from now, if people were to look back on 2013, what would they remember? What would we want them to remember?

Obviously, the memes. These visual ear worms capture our obsessions and combine pop culture with the snarky beauty that is internet speak. In my own completely biased opinion, here are some of the greats:

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Beyond label reading

Until very recently, the complicated part of subsistence for us humans has been simply finding enough to eat. Most of us enjoy abundance now, to the extent that 40% of all food in this country isn’t even eaten – it’s wasted (a topic for another blog post!). Our remarkable – if imperfect – food production system gives us the ‘luxury’ of myriad choices for our nourishment and eating pleasure. This array of options is driven by considerations of not just taste but time, money, health, and our values. [Think Lunchables, Trader Joe’s frozen canapes, Lean Cuisine or Amy’s vegetarian entrees.]


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