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The Memorial Day weekend is a time of remembrance and perhaps of reflection, but it is also a time of celebration and travel for many. Interestingly, the number of people traveling this weekend is expected to be the highest it’s been in quite a while. According to this travel forecast put together by AAA, about 36.1 million Americans will be traveling on the roads this holiday. That’s nearly 12% of the US population, so there’s a chance we might see each other!

That is, if we can get through the traffic.


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Summer is only a month away, so you might be considering a vacation! Whether you’re thinking of staying local, domestic, or going international, there are so many great places out there that the list never seems to end. So how do you decide where the best vacation destinations are? At least on the national level, let’s check out what people on social are saying about their favorite vacation spots for the summer.

According to content volume from the past month, it seems like these five cities in the U.S are at the top of the list as destination hot spots.

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The first rule of the Beautiful People’s club is that you MUST talk about the Beautiful People’s Club. The second rule of the Beautiful People’s Club…well you get the joke.

Every year, People magazine publishes its list of beautiful women and sexiest men. I think People makes the choice to objectify the men a bit more to help balance out other annual lists like the Maxim Hot 100, GQs sexiest women and the other 145,000,000 results that come back when you Google “hottest women list.” Also, sorry for having Googled “hottest women list”. That feels sexist.

That said, the Beautiful Women’s list is full of prominent women who are smart, talented, interesting and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. The Sexiest Men’s list is full of equally fascinating, debonair pieces of eye candy. Collectively, they comprise the “Beautiful People’s Club”.

Here’s who’s on the list this year:


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What are your social media analytic goals for 2014?

On April 29th we conducted a webcast with Nate Elliott from Forrester, ”5 Ways Smart Marketers Use Social Intelligence to Succeed.” It was based on a paper written by Nate called, “The Five Ways Interactive Marketers Should Use Social Data” that was published at the end of 2011, but I was amazed to see how well the recommendations still hold up today.  All of the examples used were from the last year or so, and there were some really great ones. I was most impressed by the tactics of Footlocker (Sneakerheads are an interesting lot and it was cool to see them being called out in Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”) and REI as well. Read more…

Cable TV has it right – not much new in April going on so they bring back two of the biggest shows of the last few years and put them on Sunday night. The season premieres of both Mad Men on AMC and Game of Thrones on HBO were wildly anticipated across social media channels each seeing amazing buzz. Both of these two shows are wildly different in genre and scope but both have inspired near cult-like followings. In looking at how people talk about these shows, we see that the fantasy worlds of both shows inspire people to post, and really define how we all posted about them in the weeks around their premieres.


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earth-dayThe theme of this Earth Day is Green Cities, which is fitting now that more than half the world’s population are urban dwellers. The focus is on buildings, energy, and transportation and how those key components of urban infrastructure can be transformed to make our cities into more efficient and vibrant places to live and work.

Business has an important role to play in the greening of cities, and smart businesses recognize the opportunity that Earth Day provides to get the word out about the things they’re doing, hopefully all year long. Businesses are being held to a higher standard of responsibility for how they source materials, transport goods and treat workers, not just by environmental organizations, but increasingly by consumers and shareholders too.

Here’s who we saw getting some attention on social media leading up to Earth Day:

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Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? It’s not too difficult- no radioactive accidents or spider bites necessary. All it takes is a little recycling! With minimal effort, you can help save the planet one step at a time.


Earth Day is tomorrow, and what better time to get involved than now? It’s no secret that people are using more electronics than ever. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that consumers are constantly buying the newest products. The question is, what happens to their used electronics?

This infographic shared a lot of e-waste stats that surprised me.

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07-mtv-movie-awardsOk, well kinda. Last Sunday was the MTV Movie Awards. I watched them and they were entertaining enough. Conan opened with a record number of celebrity cameos, 49, 50 if you count Conan. I found him to be adorably awkward and funny.

Some quick highlights: Rita Ora ripped Zac Efron’s shirt open, Orlando Bloom said Legolas could take on Ron Burgundy in a fight, and Rihanna and Eminem performed their song “Monster.”  On many a Sunday this would be the most interesting and fantastic part of my day.

Except that Game of Thrones was on. And despite the security blanket that is DVR, OnDemand, HBOGo and HBO’s repeating schedule, I found myself wishing I was watching Game of Thrones instead. #sorrynotsorry

Was I alone?

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Tax Day, Not Doomsday

It’s Tax Day! …Which may mean a variety of things.

joe penna taxday tweet

Tax Day may not be a source of stress for those who got their taxes done early, but what about for those who waited until the last minute? Here’s an article by Forbes that outlines the process some may have gone through this past weekend.

By the looks of things, the volume of posts in the past week related to doing taxes early or last minute are almost the same. There are about 15,500 posts related to doing taxes early compared to around 16,700 related to doing taxes in the last minute.

Generally, it seems like slightly more people did their taxes right before the deadline instead of doing them early.

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