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The snow is melting and temperatures are warming up, which can only mean one thing – it’s time for MARCH MADNESS! Aside from Super Bowl Sunday, the NCAA Men’s tournament is the biggest sporting event in America. Whether you are a die-hard fanatic, casual fan, or just like the mascots, you are aware that it is March Madness. It’s unavoidable. As you tell from the graphic below, people from Seattle, Washington to Gainesville, Florida have filled out a bracket (or brackets in my case) with the hopes of winning a pool.


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Craic |krak|: Irish term


  1. Fun and entertainment, especially good conversation and company.

             Come for the beer, lads, and stay for the craic!

             It was great craic.

St. Patrick’s Day is sure to be filled with craic, but the question is where? Conan might have some answers for you. When you’re done on the dance floor, let’s see where the best places to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day are.

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March has long been considered a time of great change and growth. March signals the coming of spring and, after the abysmal winter griping much of the country this year, never has spring been more welcome. For much of the US population, however, March can only mean one thing – the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, otherwise known as March Madness.

To many sports fans, myself included, March Madness represents the purest form of any sports playoffs and an opportunity to witness some of the greatest sports moments of the year. Perhaps the best part of March Madness, however, are the many office pools, brackets, and predictions that come as a result of this tradition. This is a time of the year when the average cubicle dweller can demonstrate his or her sports related prowess and, should they win their bracket, lord it over their coworkers for the next year and possibly take home a little bit of cash at the same time.

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snowden2One of the more controversial events happening at South by Southwest this year is the talk with Edward Snowden, the infamous NSA whistle-blower. It was announced on March 4th that this talk would occur today, the 10th, remotely from Russia where he’s received asylum, and livestreamed by The Texas Tribune. When the event was announced, volume surrounding the topic peaked at nearly 13k posts across all media types, with nearly 12k of those posts coming from Twitter.

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letoThere is always so much to talk about at the water cooler the day after the Oscars – disbelief that one actor didn’t win, shock that an actress actually wore that dress , surprise that a selfie could get retweeted enough times to actually break Twitter for a bit.

I must say that this year, despite some amazing musical performances, breathtaking gowns and tribute to Academy members passed, one moment from this year’s Academy Awards that really stood out came early in the evening: Jared Leto’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club.

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agile-marketing-cycleCompanies need a strong social media presence to survive and grow — to do so, brands are beginning to capitalize on the value of social media intelligence as a critical element for marketing strategies. A recent Gleanster analysis reported that 85 percent of brand marketers are now using social media intelligence to drive their strategies. As these brands start leveraging the rich insights social media can provide, they will be forced to address the demand for real-time response and communication with customers. This leap to an agile content development, instant distribution and real-time performance environment is driving the creation of new models to ensure successful execution.

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Forrester report reflection

Forrester_LogoAmazing! That’s the best way to describe Visible’s placement — and our reaction – when we learned that we were again honored with the distinction as a “Leader” in the 2014 Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms 2014 Report.

Why does this matter? Not just because it’s amazing, but because of what it signifies.

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VisibleReleaseI will admit it. We are an excitable group here at Visible when it comes to social media and technology. We decided to kick off 2014 with an action-packed collection of new capabilities for our hardworking, time-strapped clients. Our January 2014 Visible Intelligence release features enhancements that save time and provide valuable insights so you can look like a social media rock star. New features include:

  • Cross-language searching for faster analysis: Great for global brands and multi-lingual social service teams!
  • Word exclusions from word clouds: Get rid of those unwanted words.
  • Easy segment comparisons: Gauge commonalities/differences in a snap.
  • Enhanced APIs and data exports: The data you need at your fingertips.
  • Ability to select time zones for scheduled posts: Easier publishing for global teams.

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The September Fall TV new show rollout is a bit like Christmas. It’s an exciting time when people come together looking forward to merriment, focusing a little less on their diets and dreaming of the wonderful experiences coming their way. In this case, all the exciting new shows that have been heavily promoted by all the networks. However, sometimes the reality of it all is that the experience rarely lives up to all they hype and all you get are terrible memories you can’t erase.

Leading up to September we put together our dream watch lists:

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