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2Long a real estate buzz phrase, “Location, location, location!” is now the mantra of social intelligence and engagement professionals. Thanks to the influence of mobile, we are seeing the volume of posts with location data continue to grow across different social networks and channels. The July release of Visible Intelligence has taken this industry trend to heart, introducing what we believe to be the industry’s most comprehensive geo-location data model for social. The new VI release includes:

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t-mobile-tim-tebow-no-contract-commercialAttribution – Linking Social and Traditional Marketing with Conversions

Being at the forefront of the technology space has its benefits, the best of which is the opportunity to hear about new challenges our clients and prospects seek to answer with social data. It’s fun to collaborate with smart people on solution architecture that serves not only the here and now, but also to address issues they foresee on the horizon. One of the more common topics I’ve heard recently is around drawing correlation between offline and online marketing activities, and the ability to more fully understand attribution as it relates to an actual conversion.

A conversion, whether represented by filling out a form, or more tangibly, an actual sale, occurs as a result of a number of other factors that led to that event. Leveraging social analytics technology to uncover valuable insights related to the events that led up to the conversion is not as hard as one might think, and in fact, drawing a correlation to online and offline activities may seem complex, but it’s something we can effectively address.

Here’s an example that we sometimes use to illustrate how marketers can leverage Visible to more accurately assess the interconnectedness of traditional and social media and tie findings to conversions:

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the_amazing_spider_man_2-wideThe summer movie season is upon us and in the coming months there will be a lot of discussion about the blockbusters and flops of 2014. We wondered: what can social media reaction to a movie’s marketing campaign tell us about predicted box office performance?

Sony Pictures released the second trailer to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on March 19. We wanted to know what the immediate social media reaction was on the day of the trailer release. Were people excited? Or did it negatively impact propensity to see the film?

Takeaway #1: Fans bemoaned the trailer’s indication that Rhino and the Green Goblin would join forces with Electro to battle Spider-Man.

Many feared this film would be bogged down by too many villains. Those concerns drew comparisons to Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 3, which drew less-than-stellar reviews and a box office showing that precipitated Marc Webber’s reboot. Can this movie effectively handle 3 villains and maintain a cohesive narrative?

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geekGeekWire is an independent technology news site and online community covering people, companies and innovations emerging from the Pacific Northwest and impacting the world.  It publishes a ranking of Seattle area start-up companies called the GeekWire 200, and we are pleased to be listed as number 37 out of 200 on that list!

The GeekWire 200 focuses on publicly available data to identify technology companies that are most popular and trending among key online communities. The list is updated on a monthly basis, generated from GeekWire’s Startup List, a comprehensive directory of the region’s tech startups. It is sortable by B2B and B2C companies, as well as 20 different sub-categories.

Our placement on this list speaks volumes to the high quality of our product, and the excellence that our employees exhibit every day. We’re excited to be featured on the list, and look forward to further development at Visible that will earn us an even higher spot on their list.

To see the full list of all GeekWire 200 companies, click here >>

categories blogHave you tried Visible categories yet?

When your Visible team talks about our categories capabilities with enthusiasm, there’s a very good reason. We want to make sure you understand how the single mouse click can help you slice data down to specific segments that directly tie to your brand and industry. While this sounds like something complex, it’s not!

Visible has built customized segmentation in one click so you can find deep analysis and save time.

How do categories work?

Categories exist today within your Visible Intelligence platform. Essentially, they are pre-defined add-on filters that will help you quickly and easily drill down and analyze buzz from target segments based on your desired attributes such as product features, author characteristics, reputation drivers, promotional tracking, purchase intent and more. It is important to grasp that concept. These are completely flexible segments that you set up to match with your latest digital campaign, specific products, audience segments, etc.

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Summer is only a month away, so you might be considering a vacation! Whether you’re thinking of staying local, domestic, or going international, there are so many great places out there that the list never seems to end. So how do you decide where the best vacation destinations are? At least on the national level, let’s check out what people on social are saying about their favorite vacation spots for the summer.

According to content volume from the past month, it seems like these five cities in the U.S are at the top of the list as destination hot spots.

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The first rule of the Beautiful People’s club is that you MUST talk about the Beautiful People’s Club. The second rule of the Beautiful People’s Club…well you get the joke.

Every year, People magazine publishes its list of beautiful women and sexiest men. I think People makes the choice to objectify the men a bit more to help balance out other annual lists like the Maxim Hot 100, GQs sexiest women and the other 145,000,000 results that come back when you Google “hottest women list.” Also, sorry for having Googled “hottest women list”. That feels sexist.

That said, the Beautiful Women’s list is full of prominent women who are smart, talented, interesting and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. The Sexiest Men’s list is full of equally fascinating, debonair pieces of eye candy. Collectively, they comprise the “Beautiful People’s Club”.

Here’s who’s on the list this year:


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gskLast week I was honored to award Kerri Cunningham-Tedgi, Frannie DeFranco and Jeremy Pincus at GlaxoSmithKline with the Customer Innovation Award. The Customer Innovation Award recognizes our customers that leverage the Visible Intelligence platform for social media innovation inside their organization. Jack Denault, our SVP of Sales and I were able to award GSK with this honor in person, and we have a great picture of the winning team.

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Cinco de Mayo: Fiesta time!

It’s here! Cinco de Mayo, one of the world’s longest parties has officially hit year 152 today. Besides that though, Cinco de Mayo is also a time to celebrate Mexican ancestry and culture. In case you wanted to read more about the history, here’s an article that explains the significance of this day.

So how is everyone celebrating? Well, if I had to guess: with salsas, piñatas and, no doubt, margaritas. One thing is certain- you can join the fiesta even if you’re not from Mexico! Actually, within this past week it looks like there were more Cinco de Mayo related posts in the U.S. than any other location in the world. That’s surprising, since I thought Mexico would have had the most.

cinco de mayo blog map

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