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le tour de france 23 logoLast year was a rough for the Tour de France in terms of sponsorship. In the wake of the doping scandals, many sponsors sought ways to distance themselves from one of the world’s great sporting events. As a result, sponsorships could be had for as little as $1.5M. While that may seem like a heavy price tag, keep in mind that a 30-second Super Bowl spot averaged $4 million in 2013.

So, is $1.5 million a good way to spend your marketing budget? In short, it depends – on the segments you are targeting, the geographies that are important to you, and what you consider to be “a significant impact.” To help answer this question, I decided to do some social media analytics around the Tour and the current top three teams (through stage 17):  AG2R La Mondiale, Belkin, and Movistar.

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The World Cup of sentiment

Adidas Brazuca 2014 World Cup Ball 1The Analysis

The semifinals may start tomorrow, but the darlings of the World Cup have already been established. To identify which countries have won and which have lost in terms of sentiment, I’ve analyzed the net positive sentiment of the 16 teams* that qualified for elimination play across two time periods. The first time period was June 10 to June 17. This time period straddled the opening ceremonies and the earliest matches of pool play. I picked this time as a baseline because it captured both pre-tournament sentiment, yet also captured newly formed opinions after at least one match per team. The second time period was from June 25th to July 2nd.  I picked this time due to the fact that it captured the chatter immediately before the round of 16 and immediately after. Read more…

usa-soccerSoccer, Futbol, or jogo bonito. No matter what you call it, the beautiful game has returned to the world stage. This World Cup comes at a time when viewers and fans are more connected via social media than ever before. According to Facebook, “Facebook’s data editors have never measured an event – sports or otherwise – that has topped a billion interactions.” reports, “The most-buzzed about event was the opening game between Brazil and Croatia with 58 million people generating 140 million interactions. 31 million people participated in the conversation surrounding Saturday’s match between Brazil and Chile, generating 75 million interactions.”

Some may argue that this might signal a growth in social media usage and belay recent speculation that Facebook may be losing users. Others may claim that it’s simply a result of the fanatical nature of futbol on a global scale.

Whatever the case, the massive amount of data that is being discussed on social channels surrounding the World Cup, at the very least, represents an opportunity for us as social scientists to dive into the data and understand what these billion or so fans of the world’s sport are talking about.

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t-mobile-tim-tebow-no-contract-commercialAttribution – Linking Social and Traditional Marketing with Conversions

Being at the forefront of the technology space has its benefits, the best of which is the opportunity to hear about new challenges our clients and prospects seek to answer with social data. It’s fun to collaborate with smart people on solution architecture that serves not only the here and now, but also to address issues they foresee on the horizon. One of the more common topics I’ve heard recently is around drawing correlation between offline and online marketing activities, and the ability to more fully understand attribution as it relates to an actual conversion.

A conversion, whether represented by filling out a form, or more tangibly, an actual sale, occurs as a result of a number of other factors that led to that event. Leveraging social analytics technology to uncover valuable insights related to the events that led up to the conversion is not as hard as one might think, and in fact, drawing a correlation to online and offline activities may seem complex, but it’s something we can effectively address.

Here’s an example that we sometimes use to illustrate how marketers can leverage Visible to more accurately assess the interconnectedness of traditional and social media and tie findings to conversions:

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Fifa-World-Cup-BrazilTomorrow marks the start of one of the most popular events in the world. Experts predict the number of viewers to be even bigger than 2010 where over 700 MILLION people watched the finals live. FIFA reported that over 50% of the world’s population watched some part of the two week event in 2010.

We will be using the Visible Intelligence platform throughout the World Cup 2014 to report on key trends, but as we move into the event, I thought it would be interesting to see where the most active fans are. Said another way, where are the related social media posts originating from and what countries are the most active?

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The Memorial Day weekend is a time of remembrance and perhaps of reflection, but it is also a time of celebration and travel for many. Interestingly, the number of people traveling this weekend is expected to be the highest it’s been in quite a while. According to this travel forecast put together by AAA, about 36.1 million Americans will be traveling on the roads this holiday. That’s nearly 12% of the US population, so there’s a chance we might see each other!

That is, if we can get through the traffic.


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Summer is only a month away, so you might be considering a vacation! Whether you’re thinking of staying local, domestic, or going international, there are so many great places out there that the list never seems to end. So how do you decide where the best vacation destinations are? At least on the national level, let’s check out what people on social are saying about their favorite vacation spots for the summer.

According to content volume from the past month, it seems like these five cities in the U.S are at the top of the list as destination hot spots.

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Cinco de Mayo: Fiesta time!

It’s here! Cinco de Mayo, one of the world’s longest parties has officially hit year 152 today. Besides that though, Cinco de Mayo is also a time to celebrate Mexican ancestry and culture. In case you wanted to read more about the history, here’s an article that explains the significance of this day.

So how is everyone celebrating? Well, if I had to guess: with salsas, piñatas and, no doubt, margaritas. One thing is certain- you can join the fiesta even if you’re not from Mexico! Actually, within this past week it looks like there were more Cinco de Mayo related posts in the U.S. than any other location in the world. That’s surprising, since I thought Mexico would have had the most.

cinco de mayo blog map

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earth-dayThe theme of this Earth Day is Green Cities, which is fitting now that more than half the world’s population are urban dwellers. The focus is on buildings, energy, and transportation and how those key components of urban infrastructure can be transformed to make our cities into more efficient and vibrant places to live and work.

Business has an important role to play in the greening of cities, and smart businesses recognize the opportunity that Earth Day provides to get the word out about the things they’re doing, hopefully all year long. Businesses are being held to a higher standard of responsibility for how they source materials, transport goods and treat workers, not just by environmental organizations, but increasingly by consumers and shareholders too.

Here’s who we saw getting some attention on social media leading up to Earth Day:

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