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Attack of the Flu, Part Two

Previously, we reviewed the conversation volume and high level topics of what people online are saying about this year’s powerful Flu. Today, we will look at how that conversation was divided and dive into what people were saying about a particularly charged topic: the vaccine.

Combing the main Flu search performed through Visible Intelligence, four topics surfaced that people were most often discussing. These were the act of getting the Flu shot, the various symptoms of the virus, how this is “the worst Flu” and finally the inconvenience of taking time off of work, school, or missing events to be sick or take care of a loved one. Below is the distribution of these topics in the larger Flu conversation:

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Flu conversation topics

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Attack of the Flu

If your office is anything like ours, you will have noticed a serious lack of employees over the past weeks. For that matter, you have likely dealt with the last minute cancellations from friends and family and witnessed the growing number of masks in medical waiting rooms. Also, you are probably not under a rock: the flu is here.

Although it is a common occurrence for this season, this year’s virus is a harsh strain, sweeping through the country and even escalating into a state of emergency  in some areas. With fevers and death tolls rising, it is a topic that is hard to avoid online: related opinions and statuses are everywhere from Facebook streams to Twitter feeds to health forums, blogs, and more. To take a wider look at the size of this discussion, I set up a flu search on Visible‘s social media monitoring platform, Visible Intelligence®. Read more…

Social Law

Where does Free Speech begin—and end—on the internet and what responsibility do businesses, consumers, and the government have to protect it?

Social Law

You may already be following the story about the recent negative Yelp review and subsequent defamation lawsuit that has been circulating online and in mainstream media. Not familiar? ArsTechnica has a fine rundown. Read more…

Fun With Dashboards!

Working at Visible, there are a few things you learn to love right off the bat. We are a company that lives and breathes analytics (and loves snacks!), and as you can imagine that means coming up with new ways to look at data is a source of general excitement.

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At Visible, we are always improving and updating our Visible Intelligence platform. This month’s updates include new engagement capabilities, security updates and a new “Dashboard Only” feature that we think you are going to love!

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Here we are, country, with this one final day until the 2012 Presidential Election is over. If you are in the U.S., and even if you aren’t, you have been party to an exponentially growing barrage of coverage on the candidates, swing states, Republicans, Democrats, and countless explanations of the Electoral College.  Many of us feel like the little girl brought to tears by all the election talk, while others just want to get back to regular life.

More specifically, people really want to get back to their regular TV life: Read more…

The Presidential debates have come to a close and believe it or not, we are only a week away from the 2012 election! As we wrap up this election cycle, we look back at how the internet felt about the Presidential Debates with a little help from social media analysis.

As social network use grows exponentially, more and more feedback, opinions, and ideas are available—making this one of the most fascinating election cycles yet. Each debate has drawn record-breaking tweets, Facebook comments, and forum and blog conversation, allowing us to learn even more about honest public opinion. We aren’t talking about what people say to pollsters but what they are saying to friends, family, and of course, followers. Social media is more relevant than ever in deciphering the public’s feelings and opinions, and both candidates are making the most of this on networks like Twitter, Facebook, and their own websites and mobile apps.

While the candidates fought it out on stage, the public tweeted, blogged, and Facebooked opinions, jokes and questions about them. By looking at this massive amount of data, we can begin to get an idea of what the public liked, disliked, and couldn’t stop discussing. Read more…

The Olympics have finally begun, and many of us spent the weekend glued to the TV in an effort to follow the athletic meeting of nations. But now the work week has started and withdrawal has set in. Never fear! We have collected some of the best ways to keep up with the Olympics–without too much distraction from work–or to round out your experience if you are lucky enough to be watching during business hours.

First, a look at the London 2012 kick-off, the opening ceremony. The high volume event had so many popular moments, it is hard to choose a favorite. Which ones were most discussed? The following share of voice, drawn from Visible’s® monitoring platform Visible Intelligence®, analyzes the most prominent terms for the night. Not surprisingly, the James Bond scene between the Queen of England and Daniel Craig (it feels ridiculous to even type those names together!) was the most discussed of the evening, followed by discussion around the ceremony’s director Danny Boyle, Rowan Atkinson’s “Mr. Bean” appearance, Paul McCartney’s closing performance, David Beckham’s torch delivery, JK Rowling and Kenneth Branagh.

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Bond always wins.

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Visible to provide Olympic Dashboard for VisitBritain

Bring on the games!

We are excited to announce our upcoming partnership with VisitBritain just in time for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Visible will be providing insights into social media conversation around the games through the V·IQ platform, similar to our March Madness dashboard. The easy to use Olympics dashboard will deliver real time insight into what the Olympic audience is discussing, what is trending, and more! Read more…


Twitter has become a must in social business in recent years. Its importance in marketing, sales, and basic relationship maintenance has grown and it is now typical for twitter handles to be included in email signatures and on business cards. This routine adaptation has resulted in a growing number of twitter users of all ages. For late bloomers too embarrassed to ask coworkers, friends or family for help in getting started we have compiled this quick cheat sheet so that you will be tweeting with the best of them in no time! Read more…

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